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d-Lenolate (Olive Leaf Extract)

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Product Description

Normally, we only provide products which Life Sources manufactures exclusively. However, the profound effectiveness of d-Lenolate® (manufactured by East Park Research) makes it a necessary addition to our product line.

d-Lenolate® is a natural antibacterial, anti fungal, antiviral extract produced from the leaves of olive tree, Olea europaea species, specifically the Manzanillo and Mission varieties. This historically pathogenic killer is also the only Olive Leaf Extract with two patents, one for Antiviral Therapy and one for it's Elenolic acid content, the sought after molecule by The Upjohn Corporation. Other Plus areas in which d-Lenolate® has ability are lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

We have tried other sources with some resolve, but have been utilizing d-Lenolate® in our clinic for quite some time because of its superior effective against a myriad of conditions. According to Dr. Morton Walker in his book, Nature's Antibiotic, olive leaf extract acts as an anti-microbial against on over 137 infectious diseases including C-Albicans (Candida – yeast), fungus, AIDS, anthrax, chlamydia, cytomegalovirus, hepatitis A, B & C, Lyme disease, STD's, chronic candidiasis, Polio 1, 2 & 3, urinary tract infections" and a host of others.

The interesting thing about d-Lenolate® is that it does not appear to attack friendly flora, but limits its effectiveness to pathogens making it one of the safest and most efficacious killers of pathogens known.

Our experience has shown it to even be effective against mycoplasma infections, a serious health concern of nearly epidemic proportions in the United States today. D-Lenolate® has provided reversal in the above mentioned health symptoms to numerous Doctors, hospitals and private trials. To date, thousands of people have resolved symptoms and conditions unaddressed by orthodox medicine.

What separates d-Lenolate® from other similar extracts is its harvesting methods and high quality of production. The extraction process is a proprietary operation of d-Lenolate and their new bottles contain 60 500 milligram capsules and do not disturb the friendly flora (bacteria) in the intestinal tract. It does not upset the stomach, but, addresses a myriad of health issues that begin to lower the immune response.

Recommended usage is 1 cap 3x daily to provide optimal immunity in healthy individuals, 2 caps 3x daily for chronic conditions or for people over 250 pounds. Our findings indicate that for mycoplasma infections, 6 caps daily for 60-90 days have been effective.

When used in conjunction with Life Sources' Immuzyme® we have seen some amazing results against such chronic conditions as CFS/CFIDS, Arthritis, MS, high blood pressure and most conditions for which mycoplasmas and cell wall deficient forms have been implicated.

See the complete booklet on d-Lenolate® found on our web site for more information.

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