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Daily Health Formula

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Product Description

The Daily Health® Formula is the complementary supplement to the Daily Health Plus Formula and the second Life Sources' Targeted Nutritional Intervention (TNI) formula that combines essential enzymes and co-factors missing in other products currently on the market as well as all the vitamins and minerals essential for total health in a single capsule.

Taken with meals, Daily Health® Formula provides a unique delivery system designed to guarantee a high level of absorption. Foods are properly and completely broken down into their most bio-available form.

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This powerful combination includes an amino acid tri-peptide formula which supports the liver's ability to manufacturer its own glutathione and contains a synergistic, balanced combination of all four natural food enzymes - Protease, Amylase, Lipase and Cellulase - plus four more vital enzymes crucial to the typical American diet: Sucrase, Lactase, Maltase and Peptidase. Adding to make this formula complete, we have added necessary minerals. In short, this exclusive formulation contains all of the essential food enzymes necessary for the proper predigestion of your foods, for full nutrient assimilation, and for protection against intestinal toxemia and resulting illness and disease.

Because Daily Health® Formula contains no iron, B12, iodine or vitamin K, it is perfectly suited for individuals on medications where these ingredients may be contraindicated. The Daily Health® Formula also contains a tri-peptide combination of amino acids to boost the immune system.

As with all Life Sources' microceuticals, this product is designed to complement standard medical treatments and pharmaceuticals and there are no contraindications and/or negative side affects. Naturally, one should consult his or her physician before taking any supplement program.

Daily Health® Formula is a supplement we highly recommend to clients who may be on blood thinners and/or thyroid medications. It is a definite compliment to a total program for anti-aging and preventive health.

Supplemental Facts
Serving Size: 2 capsules
Amount per Serving % Daily Value   Amount per Serving % Daily Value
Vitamin A 3333 IU 65%   Potassium 6.66 mg <1%
Vitamin C 66 mg 110%   Boron 8.33 mcg *
Vitamin E 33 IU 110%   Silica 8.33 mcg *
Vitamin B1 1.95 mg 130%   Vanadium 8.33 mcg *
Vitamin B2 1.90 mg 110%   Germanium Sesquixide 8.33 mcg *
Vitamin B3 13 mg 65%   N-Acetyl L-Cysteine 5 mg *
Vitamin B6 2 mg 100%   L-Glutamic Acid HCI 5 mg *
Vitamin B9 160 mcg 40%   L-Glycine 5 mg *
Vitamin H 105 mcg 35%   L-Methionine 5 mg *
Vitamin B5 6.5 mg 65%   L-Taurine 6.66 mg *
Calcium 50 mg 5%   Amylase 20 mg *
Phosphorus 20 mg 2%   Protease 26.66 mg *
Magnesium 24 mg 6%   Lipase 1.67 mg *
Zinc 6.75 mg 45%   Lactase 1 mg *
Selenium 7 mcg 10%   Cellulose 16.66 mg *
Copper 0.5 mg 25%   Sucrase 8 mcg *
Manganese 1.6 mg 80%   Maltase 100 mg *
Chromium 84 mcg 70%   Peptidase 200 mcg  
Molybdinum 7.5 mcg 10%        
Percent of Daily value is based on a 2000 calorie diet. * Daily value not established
Other ingredients:

Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Cellulose, Gelatin and Water.

Does not contain:
Added yeast, wheat, corn, soy, salt, sugar, dairy products,
artificial colorings, flavorings or preservatives.

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