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d-Lenolate® - Olive Leaf Extract

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Normally, we only provide products which LifeSources’ manufacturers exclusively. However, the profound effectiveness of d-Lenolate® (manufactured by East Park Research) is an anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic formula making it a necessary addition to our product line.

We are once again carrying this product do to its effectiveness against a myriad of conditions. According to Dr. Morton Walker in his book, Olive Leaf Extract, “D-Lenolate® acts as an anti-microbial against over 137 infectious diseases including AIDS, anthrax, Chlamydia, cytomegalovirus, Hepatitis A, B & C, Lyme disease, STD’s, chronic candidiasis, Polio 1, 2 & 3, urinary tract infections” and a host of others.

The interesting thing about d-Lenolate is that it does not appear to attack friendly flora (good bacteria) but limits its effectiveness making it one of the safest and most cold-blooded killers of pathogens known.

Our experience has shown it to be effective against mycoplasma infections, a serious health concern of nearly epidemic proportions in the U.S. East Park Research has provided d-Lenolate® to numerous hospitals and, to date, thousands of people have been helped with this exclusive olive leaf extract.

What separates d-Lenolate® from the other extracts is the production and harvesting methods utilized by East Park. The leaves from the Manzanita olive tree are hand picked to avoid bruising. The extraction process is a patented operation of East Park and is encapsulated in 60 count bottles.

Recommended usage is 1 capsule 3 times daily for chronic conditions. Our findings indicate that for mycoplasma infections, 6 capsules daily for 60 – 90 days is optimal.

One may experience what is known as“Herxheimers Reaction” or the Die-Off effect. This is a detoxification reaction and not a counteraction to the product. It is not dangerous, but in fact one proof that the extract is working. What one may experience is: greater fatigue,diarrhea, headaches, muscle/joint aches or flu-like symptoms for a few days. The reaction is due to the over abundance of dead/ dying bacteria or yeast that have not been flushed out of the system. Those who do not wish to experience these effects may possibly avoid it by drinking at least a full glass of water each time they take the capsules.

When used in conjunction with Life Sources’ Immuzyme® we have seen some amazing results against such chronic conditions as CFS/CFIDS, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Arthritis, MS, high blood pressure and most conditions for which mycoplasmas and cell wall deficient forms have been implicated.

Yeast and Fungal Problems

By six months of age, 90% of all babies test positive for Candida, a very common yeast infection called ''thrush.'' By adulthood, virtually all humans play host to Candida albicans and are thus engaged in a life-long relationship.

Problems of Candidiasis (Candida Overgrowth)

Laboratory testing is of little use to determine a chronic overgrowth situation. Multiple problems, not just one or two, can be considered an indicator of Candida overgrowth.

A compromised immune system is the crucial factor that allows for a yeast overgrowth. The prevalence today of Candida maybe most directly related to the widespread societal exposure to antibiotics -from prescriptions and from additional consumption of antibiotic-treated foods such as meats, dairy, poultry and eggs. d-LENOLATE® has been clinically proven to produce beneficial results against various yeast problems.

Fungus Problems

It is estimated that more than ten million Americans suffer from disfiguring and painful nail infections. This large number of sufferers makes it one of America’s most under-recognized health problems. It is frequently found among people with cancer and diabetes,among athletes, elderly individuals, people who spend considerable time standing or who wear the same shoes day after day, or who wear artificial fingernails. Many drugs lower resistance and are believed to make people more susceptible to infection.

Problems and Conditions that may be associated with yeast overgrowth and/or parasitic activity in the body:

AgitationAllergic ReactionsBad breath (chronic)
Bloating Body Aches (without reasonable cause) Chemical sensitivities
Chest pains Constipation Coordination problems
Dark circles under eyes Depression Diarrhea
Digestion problems Dizziness Dry mouth or throat
Earaches Fatigue Fluid retention
Food cravings (especially sugars & starches) Hot flashes Heart burn
(chronic) Hives Hyperactivity Hyper-irritability
Impotence Incontinence Infertility
Insomnia Loss of concentration Libido loss
Lumps in breast Memory loss Menstrual irregularities
Muscle weakness or pain Nasal congestion or drainage Over-sensitive hearing, smell, taste, vision
Pelvic pain Premenstrual anxiety/tension Premenstrual depression
Shortness of breath Swelling Stomach ache
Under-sensitive hearing, smell, taste, vision Weight gain Weight loss

Parasites - Human Immunity in Crisis

Poor nutrition, increased stress, lack of exercise and a rise in drug-resistant germs have contributed to a serious rise in deaths from infectious diseases. Federal researchers report that such deaths rose by 58% from 1980 to 1992, which puts this cause of death third behind heart disease and cancer.

As far back as 1978 the World Health Organization was saying that by the year 2000, Western technological medicine would be unable to adequately provide the entire world's health care needs. The WHO recommended the use of traditional forms of healing and medicine, such as the use of herbs, to meet the demands of an exploding global population.

Antibiotics in Crisis

Most antibiotics are designed to be lethal to a particular type or group of pathogens. Because of the way they work, most,if not all, man-made antibiotics suppress the immune system and can kill the essential acidophilus and bifidus bacteria in the intestinal tract.

In addition, a whole crop of ''super-bug''germs are completely unaffected by modern antibiotics, and the overuse of these drugs has been responsible for empowering a host of resistant microbes.

Information on Parasites

Dr. Hazel Parcels states that ''85% of adult North Americans are infected with parasites.''

Dr. Peter Wina, Chief of Pathobiology at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research adds, "We have a tremendous parasite problem right here in the U.S. It is just not being addressed."

But perhaps the most surprising statement comes from Dr. Frank Nova, Chief of the Laboratory for Parasitic Diseases at the National Institute of Health when he says’ In terms of numbers, there are more parasitic infections acquired in this country than in Africa."

Parasite infection is an unrecognized epidemic that plagues a great number of people through the world, including the U.S. Researchers claim that a majority of people around the world host parasites of one type or another. Parasites can inhabit muscle tissue, the digestive tract, the bloodstream and even the brain, heart and other vital organs.

Parasites are notoriously difficult to kill and expel in the body. D-Lenolate provides anti-parasite properties to eradicate such invaders;

Amoebi, cryptosporidia, giardia, pin worm,ring worm, malaria protozoa and roundworm are some of the more familiar parasites which d-Lenolate eradicates.

Company Profile

Life Sources, Inc. is a Nevada Corporation with order fulfillment and clinic located in Fair Oaks, California and is a member of the NNFA, The National Health Federation, and the Citrus Heights, California Chamber of Commerce.

The President and Founder is Andrea McCreery, PhD. Dr.McCreery is currently developing several new proprietary products to add to the Life Sources anti-aging and chronic illness system.

Based upon clinical observations, Dr. McCreery has developed several innovative products designed to slow the aging process and naturally combat chronic illnesses. Nutritional counseling is effective with ADD/ADHD, fibromyalgia,chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, weight loss, arthritis, candidiasis and more.

Life Sources specializes in Vital Hematology as a means of observing cell wall deficient forms in the living blood of clients to recommend nutritional interventions to reverse risk factors for chronic disease and nutritional deficiencies. (If an individual is interested in scheduling a consultation,please e-mail for details and by e-mailing andrea@life-sources.com or call the clinic at 916-536-9930.

The Life Sources clinic is located at 5006 Sunrise Blvd., Suite 101, Fair Oaks, California 95628. Initial client visit includes the observation of living blood (with a videotape of the observation included),blood typing and nutritional counseling for chronic illness and potential risk factors.

Individuals interested in scheduling a seminar or group demonstration of Vital Hematology should address e-mail to andrea@life-sources.com

Dr.McCreery is available for demonstrations to groups, health food stores and/or practices wishing to offer nutritional interventions to their clients and practice.

Life Sources is dedicated to quality and quantity of life and the eventual reduction of health care costs in the U.S. Client support is appreciated.