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What Vital Hematology Can Tell You

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I can't tell you how many random bottles of supplements I have thrown out of my cupboard in the last year alone. The money I've wasted on supplements and herbs that never really made much of a difference, or that I later heard wouldn't even help me, could have bought yours truly a new wardrobe!

I visited Life Sources, Inc. because I see the value of a personalized approach to nearly everything else, from my haircut to my computer. So, why not pursue a customized approach to my health? The result? I learned more in an afternoon with Dr. Andrea McCreery at Life Sources than any amount of time staring blankly at labels in the health food store's supplement aisle. More, in fact, than I even knew there was to learn.

On a recent visit to her pleasant, quiet office in Fair Oaks, I met Andrea, a warm and friendly, upbeat and so-smart-it's-scary woman who expressed a genuine interest in learning about me, and my health. To find out some answers, she talked me through a questionnaire about things like what I eat, whether I have certain food cravings, whether I have stiffness or cramping, and that sort of thing. After that, she took a tiny needle (like the needles diabetics use to test their blood) and pricked the end of my finger (didn't even hurt!) and then put the tiny droplet of my blood onto a slide under a microscope.

Let me interject here that Andrea is a "microscopist" which not only means she's an expert with the scope, but knows what she's looking at in there, can explain it, and uses more impressive multi-syllabic words than the rest of us do. But she was kind about my lack of knowledge of biology and graciously didn't let me feel like a complete idiot.

She even did the blood slides a few years back for the Robert Atkins Complementary Health Center in Manhattan, works with several medical doctors for their ""hard to treat"" patients, and, consults with other health care practitioners.

Once she zoomed in with the microscope to focus on my blood, the same image was visible to me on a large monitor, so we could peer at my cells together. She told me exactly what we were looking at; my red cells (healthy!), some white cells (they sure are weird looking), some little dots moving around (apparently related to the fatty egg on toast I'd had for breakfast – darn, no secrets here!), and some little lines (I forget what they were but even they gave Andrea important information), and some areas that look like scraps of aluminum (and turns out it was heavy metal deposits –heavy metals are found in lots of things – who knew?).

It finally clicked for me when I realized my Life Sources' tour of my blood on that monitor provided more information about aspects of my everyday health than I've literally ever gotten anywhere else. Of course, without Andrea's interpretation of what I was seeing, I would just be looking at cells of all types. I mean, if I go to the doctor, it's because I have a particular illness or concern that brought me there. There's really no other place you would go to get information about your normal everyday self yet, can be totally surprised from what the microscope can reveal – only to assist you in ""connecting the dots"" for a better understanding of your immune system.

The experience caused me to really make the relationship between what I put into my body, and my body's cells' reaction to that. I know it may seem obvious, but isn't it sometimes easy to presume that what we eat just affects our gut, not things like our blood, which fuels everything? It is pretty amazing to see that the very blood that fuels your brain is greatly affected by everything you eat. It sure makes a difference in some choices you make!

Her discussion of enzymes was really interesting, too, and I highly recommend reading the literature she has written about them. There are a great many topics that she knows so much about as the result of her 10 years of analyzing blood. She has so much information to share, we ended up chatting well past our allotted time. Lucky for us, Andrea is not just knowledgeable, but generous with it, too.

From what I can tell, most people's issues boil down to several main topics, all of which were addressed in my session:

  1. Your gut — bowel toxicity, liver stress, and chemical imbalances brought on by poor diet, nutrition, allergies and lifestyle choices.
  2. Your diet — nutritional deficiencies.
  3. Your body's ability to fight germs — how your immune system is functioning.
  4. Your blood flow — how your circulation is functioning.
  5. Bad stuff in your blood — i.e. metal toxicity.
  6. Bad signs for your future — the precursors to degenerative diseases, i.e, mycoplasma infections
  7. Things that may be affecting you right now — the presence of Candida (yeast), parasites, bacteria, viruses, cholesterol and plaque in your blood and much more.

Life Sources, Inc. doesn't diagnose or treat, but for Andrea, it's all about nutrition. She takes the information she's given you about your blood, and makes recommendations for your diet, for supplements and herbs and other beneficial nutrients you can make to change things around for the better. What she sees from your blood in that microscope is always being rejuvenated, which means we all get lots of second chances to improve our situation. In a word, one can expect to feel more energy!

I recently read in the newspaper about how vitamins and supplements are not always held to such strict regulations as prescription pharmaceuticals, and, can sometimes contain large amounts of "fillers," that vary uneven amounts of ingredients from pill to pill of dubious origin. The whole thing can sound like snake oil from Victorian times. So I asked Andrea about that. She really surprised me when she showed me that many of the selections of vitamins and supplements that she carries at her office are, no kidding, some her own formulations manufactured under strict guidelines with FDA certified laboratories that she personally oversees. I guess the only way to make certain what you're getting is to, well, do it yourself. She has pulled together several formulas that she feels address the main issues that she observes each day viewed from the microscope.

For me, I am just grateful I'll never again be stuck in the health food store, helplessly waiting for a beneficial container of supplements to fall off the shelf and hit me in the head. Now, my second visit to Life Sources' will tell me if my new nutritional regimen is making a difference. The proof is under the microscope!

Dr. Andrea McCreery is a Certified Micro-analysis Technician, CNC and PhD in Philosophy and is the President/Researcher: Life Sources, Inc. since 1999. For more information about Life Sources, Inc., go to: www.life-sources.com, or call, 916-536-9930.