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Weight Loss

More than one third of Americans are at least 20 percent or more overweight and the numbers are increasing. Even though we are consuming less fat, exercising more and eating “more healthy” we are fatter and more stressed than ever before. Consumer polls estimate that at any given time, 25 to 50% of Americans are on some sort of diet. Unfortunately, most who diet, put the weight back on.

Traditionally, there are three approaches to weight loss with nutritional supplements; diuretic herbs to reduce water retention, lipotropic vitamins to reduce cholesterol and fats and finally natural appetite suppressants. Most of these ignore a primary deficiency which is a result of our modern lifestyle. That deficiency is enzymes.

We strongly recommend that those embarking on a weight loss program exercise as much as possible (walking is a fine leisurely exercise), reduce animal protein intake to 45 grams a day and add alkaline producing raw fruits and vegetables to the diet. If raw vegetables and fruits are difficult, drink any psyllium hull fiber drink before meals. In addition, supplement the diet with nutritional enzymes. Most individuals will find that their bodies will begin seeking its natural level of homeostasis. While weight loss will be gradual, the loss will be permanent and easier to maintain.

If one finds sugar cravings a factor, adding 200 mcg chromium picolinate to the diet should reduce sugar cravings.

While there are many factors to consider in a weight loss program, we have found that this simple technique is easy because it does not require watching calories.

We must also add this caveat. Please refrain from carbonated drinks (carbonation kills enzymes and these beverages raise the acid level of the body) and aspartame. If possible, eliminate dairy products from the diet (many food allergies are a result of dairy products).

The primary reason we designed our Daily Health® Formula was to address issues of modern food processing which rob our foods of necessary enzymes and amino acids.

Diabetics should be cautioned that adding chromium and enzymes to the diet may reduce the need for insulin.