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The inmates are running around inside

Free radicals play a role in most common illnesses and many degenerative diseases. More and more oxidation mechanisms are being implicated in the disease process. Therefore, the so-called antioxidant revolution is already taking place with antioxidants becoming a more than ever important daily supplement.

When these versatile protectors are depleted, the body's defense is then too weak and as it becomes overwhelmed your performance suffers. Life Sources' OPC-165® prevents this from happening as they are 50 times stronger than Vitamin E, 20 times stronger than Vitamin E!

Scientists today believe that all of us on a daily basis are victims of microscopic damage to our cells and even our organs. Random mutations (see Mycoplasmas and Autoimmune Disorders) take place during your normal growth and reproduction. Rebellious cells must be contained and destroyed. Your healthy metabolism produces toxic products that must be neutralized. Your cellular damage from free radicals, oxidation reactions and ingested or inhaled poisons must all be counteracted regularly. Only a well-functioning immune system can defend you body from all such insults to preserve your health. Otherwise, you are prone to illness and disease. In the real world, depressed immunity is pandemic.The immune system can become harmed in a short period of time, especially if we abuse ourselves. It is genetically designed for your protection; to shelter you from disease. But it will protect you only if you take charge of yourself. And, this relates to all the lifestyle issues. Your habits hold the key to either health or illness.