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The Antidote to Our Fear & Uncertainty

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When it comes to our health, the one thing we can all relate to in many ways is… Fear. We’re afraid of what our aches and pains might mean, we’re worried about our genetic risks of certain illnesses, and we are scared that the doctor will prescribe something with even more frightening side-effects. We fear the unknown.

I was struck by this idea at my last visit to Dr. Andrea McCreery at Life Sources®, Inc. It occurred to me that the reason we load up “on stuff” from the health food store such as vitamins and supplements of all kinds is to feel empowered against our fears. “I know I am at risk for (fill in the blank) so I’ll take this supplement which is purported to slow down that process.”

Life Sources®, Inc. uses science to unveil the truth, and that honesty and commitment to a natural approach is really the antidote to our fear and uncertainty. For hundreds of years, man has been peering into the microscope wondering what he’s been seeing – and, after 170 years, this way of observing the activity going on within the blood has been perfected and is equivalent to the discovery of the Rosetta Stone! We now can unlock the mystery to what the blood contains!

Utilizing the technique of Vital Hematology, the study of living blood, Dr. McCreery uses high-resolution optics and three-dimensional video imaging to view your living blood right there, in real-time. In viewing this beautiful substance immediately begins to decode and evaluate many hidden messages and factors to which it contains.

Dr. McCreery studies and evaluates the shapes and structure of the red and white blood cells and their overall condition. The blood plasma is also carefully analyzed for clots, parasites, fungus and other possible microorganisms. Over forty nutritional deficiencies and risk factors can be observed, and all during your office visit.

A typical first visit to Life Sources can take a while. Dr. McCreery takes a holistic approach, and asks important questions about your health; what you are currently taking, and most importantly, what you are worried about today while looking at your blood. She can see much about your past medical history, your current health, and how things are going to be heading for you, health-wise from one tiny drop of blood!

“Everything observed from under this microscope today can be reversed.”

A pretty risky statement to make, but Dr. McCreery backs it up with comprehensive knowledge of the Mycoplasma (the cell wall deficient form) which leads to chronic health conditions; the health of the white and red blood cells alike; whether or not your immune system is compromised due to bacteria, viruses, over-growth of yeast, parasites, intestinal worms and more. Under that microscope, she observes signs of Stress, Infection, Free-radical damage, Allergies, Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Antioxidant deficiencies, Low pH, precursors to heart disease, cancer and more. Utilizing the technique of Vital Hematology, a patient can improve their immune system with Targeted Nutritional Intervention™.

So what is that? The goal of Targeted Nutritional Intervention™ is “balance” and so once Dr. McCreery seespossible risk factors, together you can begin to correct abnormalities with proper nutrition and supplementation. Who wouldn’t rather take care of their bodies naturally through the food we eat and naturally-occurring nutritional supplementation, especially when we know that chemicals can manipulate bodily systems?

One of the best benefits of going to Life Sources®, Inc. is re-committing myself to being proactive in my own health management.

More than 100 million Americans (men, women, and children) suffer from some form of chronic illness and more than 70% of hospital admissions are due to chronic conditions. The majority of these illnesses could have been prevented if these deficiencies were targeted with proper nutrition and nutritional supplementation. Since 1999, Life Sources, Inc. has been providing people with honest and factual information and natural, nutritional and supplemental solutions for a vast array of conditions: from rare and complex nutritional deficiencies to the common cold.

And speaking of fear, when Dr. McCreery was asked recently about the flu shot, she gave this inspiring answer, in an article for Rocklin Today. I think it aptly illustrates the Life Sources®, Inc. approach: reasonable, informed, honest, all-natural, and with a healthy skepticism of chemicals and making assumptions.

“The flu vaccine only protects against the three specific viral strains which are included in any given year’s flu vaccine. Throat, respiratory, gastrointestinal and ear infections caused by bacteria or other kinds of viruses are not prevented by getting an annual flu shot.

Like all vaccines, the flu vaccine only gives a temporary immunity to the virus strains or closely related virus strains contained in the vaccine. The only way to get natural and permanent immunity to a strain of flu is to recover naturally from the flu. Natural immunity to a particular strain of flu can be protective if that strain or closely related strains come around again in the future. However, because the vaccine only provides a 70 to 80 percent chance of temporary immunity to selected strains and those strains may or may not be prevalent each year, doctors say you have to get a flu shot every year.

Have your doctor read you the insert that comes with the vaccine. Then have him/her explain why it makes sense to inject toxic chemicals into the human body and how such substances can aid the delicate immune system. Chances are he/she will fall back on questionable statistical and demographic explanations that the medical establishment has used for decades to justify immunization.”

In my opinion the best defense is a good offense.

There are several wonderful immune system boosters and natural ways to combat both viral and bacterial infections as follows*;

My suggestion(s) are as follows to regain a healthy immune system, especially, if you have early symptoms of “the flu”.

1-2 capsules of Alpha Factor colostrum (Life Sources’ brand) taken once or twice daily to bolster the immune system before and during the flu season; almost miraculous in its ability to “instruct” the body to thwart viral and bacterial infections which caninclude; allergies, sinus infections, sore throat, headaches, fever, upper respiratory congestion, dry cough and stomach aches.

For mild to severe symptoms; Olive leaf extract - d-Lenolate® - also has a powerful antimicrobial effect against viral and bacterial infections, and, from my own personal experience works wonders along with Sambucol, a specific elderberry extract from Israel in preventing flu infections and incredibly effective during a flu attack. (Did you know that Sambucol is the greatest tasting liquid and stops a cough in its tracks? Kids love it!) If anyone of my family members feels “flu-like” they pull out all the stops and do the whole regimen; 1- d-Lenolate (olive leaf extract) and Sovereign Silver or Argentyn 23 alternately every two hours, followed by our Probiotic half an hour later and two to four OPC-165™ (by Life Sources, Inc.) - the most powerful triple- antioxidants for energy and faster healing. I have heard from many clients, especially, teachers and nurses that these products work like a magic bullet! For those “aches, pains including headaches”, naturally, our Immuzyme® is a wondrous pain reliever - yes, it can be taken with Advil for fevers! And, of course, always drink plenty of purified - magnetized water to keep hydrated and your kidneys ridding the toxins. You can also magnetize all fruit juices as well - even, your green tea!”

Dr. McCreery states, “Our continued goal at Life Sources®, Inc. is to educate, inspire, and ultimately lead you to living a healthier lifein- the healthiest-style. By staying healthy, eating right and exercising, our future dollars can and will be reduced by helping to lower the cost of our Health Care System.

You see, there is a solution for every problem. Dr. McCreery takes away the fear by shedding light on the unknown. She supplies me with answers to my questions and solutions to my problems. Once you know the problems and the solution to those problems…all the fear goes away! Dr. McCreery and Life Sources®, Inc. is truly the antidote to my fear and uncertainty.

Dr. Andrea McCreery is a Certified Micro-analysis Technician, CNC and PhD in Philosophy and is the President/Researcher: Life Sources, Inc. since 1999. For more information about Life Sources, Inc., go to: call, 916-536-9930 for an appointment.