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Nathan May 2013 Update


Our latest Testimony and Update from one of our Autistic clients!

May 2013

Hello Dr. McCreery and Morgan!

I wanted to email you this latest info in order that many other children and/or adults that suffer from the complications of Autism can be helped.  It’s been 18 months since we began this enormous health journey with you at Life Sources!

The most recent exciting news is that Nathan continues to be OFF ALL medications because of the wonderful ingredients within your Immuzyme®. We are FREE from chemicals and cannot express our delight… no more prescription drugs!  The Immuzyme has been a godsend for Nathan, and, his teachers are in awe of his progress, especially, being able to communicate his thoughts & feelings!  He’s now free of seizures, too! 

~Thank you, once again, from the bottom of my heart!



Mrs. Gertrude Patterson, Nathan’s Grandmother for our entire family!



“Don’t Let your Leaky Gut Spill over into an Autoimmune Disease!

Dr. Andrea,

I just started using Immuzyme (my previous order was my 1st) after a referral from a friend in California. I've spent the past 3 years & thousands of dollars trying to find out what was causing the excruciating pain I felt in my wrists & feet. I live in a small town in Texas mad there is a shortage of rheumatologists in the area.

Long story short, I had to wait a year to see a rheumatologist in this area, he did not accept my insurance so I had to pay in cash. He diagnosed me with psoriatic arthritis & prescribed Humira because I am allergic to and/or had no results from several other drugs he could have tired. The Humira worked for a short time & then stopped working.  I developed Leaky Gut Syndrome (from your blood analysis’ findings) and my symptoms also included lack of proper digestion and the alternating of constipation and diarrhea.  After only 2 weeks, I’m finding your Daily Health Enzyme formula is the only hope for my stomach issues. I absolutely love your probiotics, too!   All of these have changed my life.

Need to share this; the doctor told me that was all he could do for me was a follow up with my primary care doctor (who had referred me to him in the 1st place!) I didn't know where to turn and was tired of paying doctors who couldn't help me, so I tried your products at the urging of my friend. It seemed to be working for me and I’ve been taking 15 Immuzyme 4 OPC-165 daily, plus Daily Health Enzymes with each meal.  I’ve never felt such relief from head to toe!

The only thing; I forgot to count the capsules. So, was out for a couple of days… it was really terrible.  So, from now on, I will keep a closer eye on the amount of capsules left as I absolutely cannot run out of your products.  They truly are the only "pills" that have changed my life...no more pain and I can sleep for a change. My stomach doesn’t hurt any longer. And, as you stated, it would be a better idea to get one of the small health food stores in this area to carry your LSI products!

Oh, almost forgot… so glad I asked about your OPC-165’s. The difference in my memory and even the depression I experienced has lifted!  What’s in those… kidding, of course!

It should be in the news everywhere for people like me who want to get rid of their excruciating pain and need not put up with horrible side-effects because your natural ingredients work and help me feel better and stronger, better clarity of mind and feeling better "all over".

Thank you for changing my life – and, I hope you continue to educate as many people as possible about how quickly your products work... never before have I taken supplements that have NOT upset my stomach!

With great appreciation!

Gail Brown

Bloomingtown, TX



April 2013



Immuzyme After Surgery?

Immuzyme®, "The Intelligent Capsule" is being used to support Autism by increasing brain functioning and awareness , reducing seizures, along with supporting those who seek pain relief, vitality and energy!

So why not use it as a post surgical supplement?

Read our latest testimony on how Immuzyme helped ease the Post Surgical Pain in our newest client!

"After an unfortunate event at a dog park on a sunny Saturday I found myself in Surgery! Broken in three places on my left leg, I was stuck, in pain, swollen, grumpy, you name it. A friend of mine, however, mentioned a supplement she was taking to help ease her Arthritis, and I am so thankful she did! I was introduced to Immuzyme three days post surgery, and I can say with certainty I wouldn't have made it through the recovery without it. Not only did it calm the swelling and nerve endings on my raw and casted leg, it calmed my anxiety and fidgeting. I was told by two surgeons to not put any weight on my leg, so I was stuck in a prone position all day and all night for 8 weeks! That was enough to drive me insane! Lucky for me, Immuzyme calmed that need I felt to get up and run away! My Surgeon was impressed with how fast I was mending, something I also thank Immuzyme for, and my physical therapist is constantly in awe of my lack of swelling. Thank you Life Sources, you literally got me back on my feet!"


Forever Grateful 

Terrie King



May 2012

Autism Testimony for Nathan Patterson

- by his Grandmother, Gertrude


"My Grandson, Nathan, is only 8 years old and is totally off all medication except what we get from your company! No more chemicals/no more prescription drugs; only natural supplements and a strict diet recommended by Dr. Andrea and the wonderful support of your office manager, Morgan.

Nathan has been on the Life Sources®’ protocol now for about 3 months, and, I wanted to put this “too good to be true” note to you, Dr. Andrea, to make sure it wasn’t our imagination.  So, here it is!  My hope for other children that this, too, can help them along with our Nathan as he regains his mental and emotional stability plus a huge difference in his over-all well being including a healthier immune system by following your protocol for Autistic children and young adults.  It’s just a miracle!

One of the most exciting to report as follows;

Just recently, Nathan was able to join in with the kids his age in a regular classroom for the last part of the school year.  And for the first time we are comfortable sending him to a summer camp!  This has never happened for him (or us) before. 

He has lesser outbursts and is able to have friends. We are so happy and overjoyed! He is “a as close to being a normal little boy now”, something he deserves to be!  Everybody gets to enjoy my grandson now. Life Sources’ was able to offer us suggestions to help get all the supplements he needed into his system, including the diet recommendations. No, at first I must admit, it was a bit unnerving, but, once we got used to the fact we had to accept these changes, we all slowly made the transition.  Even Nathan knew that he must “follow the diet” which, as most people realize, isn’t an easy task for children, especially.  

We have seen nothing but improvements.  His Medical Doctor is amazed that he no longer needs medication. In fact, we captured quite a shocked look on his face when he realized that the medications were not working; that the supplements plus the diet was the only answer for him.  We truly think he is honestly happy for our entire family.

In fact, the other day he was able to swallow his first “whole” Immuzyme® without us having to break it open.  He was so very proud of himself, and told us he wants to be a big boy and take all of his "pills" by himself from now on.  We are going to hold off on the Daily Health Plus) only until we can find time to purchase a “pill crusher”.  However, it wasn’t until he began his partial regimen of Immuzyme® plus, your OPC-165® and, the other supplements the true change began taking place.

We have the proof sitting back and observing him running across the yard, something he wasn't able to do until last month. The loud noises by cars used to trigger him into a fit or outburst… similar to what I’ve heard is called “a rage of anger” that would come out of nowhere.

Before I forget and this is so important for other families to read is he used to have several ‘rages’ each day.  But, the latest report is that he has had maybe only 2 within the last 2 weeks!  We cannot stop this regimen… it’s just amazing how easy with your guidance this has been for us.

Thank you for giving us our baby-grand-boy back! We are true believers in Life Sources’ and what you do. 

Most Gratefully,

Mrs. Gertrude Patterson, Nathan’s Grandmother for our entire family.


“Testimony for Patricia Sindahl's Cancer Diagnosis:”

I have a friend who is 83 years young, healthy and radiant. Patricia looks like she is in her 60's. She began having some intestinal problems, so she, her husband and I started to solve this discomfort by scheduling an appointment with a gastroenterologist. After several tests she was diagnosed with Cancer; stage four with unspecified origin and was told to go home and get her things in order. They would arrange for Hospice care. They sent her home to die in three to six months. We did not accept this!

As their unofficial daughter, their children are located across the States, so I was on a hunt for other options. I knew my Aunt, Dr. Andrea McCreery, had an amazing track record helping people using blood Microscopy and Supplementation. I called her in desperation to ask what she would do, and could do for my dear friend Patricia. Without hesitation she recommended Patricia be put on the Life Sources® Cancer protocol of Immuzyme®, OPC-165®, Daily Health®, Argentyn 23 and LSI's Probiotics. Along with that, a full juicing regimen, with specific recipes provided by Andrea, full of fresh organic veggies, plenty of fresh lemon juice and a green apple included to make a wonderful flavor. Patricia does the protocol three times a day, and drinks up to 50 ounces of juice a day! (If you want to have this recipe, please sign up for our Newsletter, especially, the latest one for January 2012;; we have the specific Juicing Recipe included)! Patricia decided to go for the chemotherapy along with the Life Sources® protocol. Her only worry with chemo was her immune systems' ability to keep up while being bombarded. However, with the help of Life Sources®, we had the confidence to go on with the chemo treatments. Patricia wanted a head start in fighting more cancer cells.

We started seeing her oncologist regularly where they would check her blood count, platelets, and cancer markers, etc. To make a long story short her cancer markers went from 7500 down to 500 in a very short period of time.

I brought in the Life Sources® protocol and supplements to show Patricia's oncologist. There are some supplements the doctors do not want patients taking while on Chemo because they may have harsh interactions with the chemotherapy. Our doctor took a look at the protocol and gave the go-ahead! He was truly impressed with the ingredients, especially, the Immuzyme in conjuction with the OPC-165's – a powerful antioxidant! The combination of Holistic Medicine and pharmaceuticals has been amazing. Every time we head to the doctor he is floored by her blood tests! We consider this a miracle!

Andrea has been telling the family for years now how to stave off infection by boosting the immune system, and now she has a protocol to ward off cancer! We can see the difference in this 83 years' young woman. Her immune system is fighting off cancer with the combination of both! The other remarkable, nearly breath-taking aspect of the Life Sources® cancer protocol is Patricia is nearly side effect free while on Chemotherapy! These drugs are strong. Patricia has a pill to take daily and bi-weekly IV treatment. Her side effects are minimal in comparison to those I've seen when I accompany them for her IV infusions. So many others look like "statues", and, Patricia has an incredible spirit and lights up the room chatting with just about everyone she can.

Patricia has been on Chemo since June 2011 and is going into her seventh month. As opposed to many patients of chemotherapy, she has not lost hair. She has long beautiful hair, especially for her age. At the most Patricia suffers from a little fatigue, however, it is nothing a little after-noon nap can't help. She and her husband, Jay, like to go down to the local coffee shop daily and visit with the community for almost three hours. People are always shocked to discover she has Stage Four Cancer! She has bright skin and healthy eyes, not at all like other Cancer patients. This protocol supports an all around healthy lifestyle! She is alert and so very much so alive! She looks better today than she did before she was diagnosed!

The Sindahl's walk through town every night, after dinner, as, her appetite has increased, so, the loss of weight isn't the issue. My Aunt has a very specific diet that goes with her Life Sources® cancer protocol. No sugar or Gluten! Everything is organic and fresh! It's all about the right types of grains and vegetables. I do the majority of the cooking for Patricia and her husband. It helps them focus on the other aspects of the protocol. And trust me, the protocol works! It's pretty incredible! The doctors and nurses are all shocked by her progress, especially, by the dramatic drop in her cancer markers in such a short period of time. Everyone thinks she is a miracle! We know that this protocol works. The tumor has shrunk to almost nothing, and it is expected to go away entirely. Because her tumor has shrunk the doctors can adjust her chemo to less, now. The doctor tells us, every time we leave to "keep doing what we are doing because it's working!"

Patricia has passed the six-month mark; she outlived her diagnoses of Three to Six months! She has mentioned not even feeling like she has cancer. All the oncologists are in awe at her blood and it's healthy. She has been said to have a little healthy blood army fighting away at the cancer. I myself, am new to Alternative Health and supplementation. It is truly remarkable.

An update since this testimony was originally written; the oncologist has taken her completely off all chemotherapy treatments now for 7 months due to the remarkable reversal in the cancer "markers". The doctor will continue to keep his eye on her and so will we!

-Lori Kennedy, January 2012

“Ben Is Back!”

Autism halted his life at age 2-1/2 after being given his MMR shots.  At first we thought he was going deaf, and, after years of medical doctors and thousands of dollars spent, Life Sources®’ has given us more knowledge concerning his immune system than we ever expected!  Even though there are good days there are also some off-days.  Yet, after only 6 months, the good days have appeared now more frequently than ever before to a young man who can command his audience, communicate in complex social situations, as well as process and formulate emotional sentiments.  The only change in his lifestyle has been the addition of the Life Sources® Autism Protocol. There is a phenomenal improvement in his ability to interact with the outside world.  Although there are still days with OCD tendencies and repetitive behaviors, those are lessening now and noticeably by other people as well, making most days extremely delightful and surprisingly “normal”. Prior to the starting of the Life Sources® Protocol Ben would have up to five or more “Rage Seizers” a day. Thankfully, with the help of Dr. Andrea McCreery, these outbursts have had a profound decline in frequency.  Ben has a sense of humor, and is able to joke around.  His personality has emerged!  Through the power of Phase contrast Microscopy, {Vital Hematology} and Immuzyme®, Ben is back!  He is laughing and living life for the first time. We sincerely feel we’ve all been given a future to look forward to; a future thanks to Life Sources® Proprietary formula Immuzyme® (and others), but most especially, Life Sources® Targeted Nutritional Intervention™ which uncovered so many hidden and previously unknown mysteries!

-The Stanley's 2012

My Depression Was So Bad, I Was Hospitalized for Being Suicidal

About eight years ago, I began having daily pain, constipation, and nausea/vomiting. I was told it was due to severe chronic IBS. Throughout the years, the problem got worse. I went through many tests and medications. I was being treated for depression, but the illness came before the depression. The numerous pills made me worse; the pills for my migraines made me nauseous and the pills for my nausea gave me migraines. Everything made me constipated. To make matters worse, about a year ago I woke up with a severe cramp in the back of my leg above the knee. The cramp wouldn't stop for hours, and would progress into constant fluctuating pain - like the pain in my stomach - but all over my body (the worst is in my legs). I was told I had Myofacial Pain Syndrome, then I was told I have Fibromyalgia (and depending on which doctor I spoke to, it is/isn't related to the IBS), and then I was ultimately told that when the doctors can't figure out what's going on, they label you with Fibromyalgia - which is treated with more depression pills. So more pills were prescribed even though I kept complaining that they made me feel bad. Each doctor's visit would result in stronger pills. Finally I started looking into what was wrong with me since my doctor's seemed to be okay with me living with my pain (I would wake up crying from pain).

If you ever want to upset your doctor, tell him/her you did your own research. I was introduced to a patient of Dr. McCreery's and made my first appointment with Life Sources, Inc. Dr. McCreery put me on a regiment of natural supplements along with a strict diet. I've been on a level ten medical diet before, but it made no difference. Under Dr. McCreery's plan however, my husband noticed that I didn't throw up for a whole month, and I was able to use breathing techniques to handle my chronic anxiety and depression. But then I had an operation. My doctor's told me that Life Sources was just out for my money. I reminded them that Kaiser is a for profit corporation, and my monthly co-pay was over $700.00 + appointment co-pays + medicine co-pays. I told my doctor that one of the things found by Dr. McCreery was that I'm anemic. My doctor argued, I pressed for a blood test, and my doctor ended up giving me Iron Pills for anemia. After my operation, my doctors convinced me to get off of Dr. McCreery's plan while I was taking pain pills. I immediately spiraled down-hill. My depression and anxiety went through the roof, and my doctor "upped" my dosage of Remeron and added Venlafaxine. I had an allergic reaction to the Venlafaxine. I was back to throwing up almost daily.

Today, I'm no longer a Kaiser patient. I'm back on Dr. McCreery's program, and I woke up this morning without vomiting. I'm already starting to deal better with my anxiety and depression (my depression was so bad, I was hospitalized for being suicidal). "The proof is in the pudding" I've been ill for eight years and my only relief came when I followed Dr. McCreery's plan. I only wish my monthly co-payments went to Life Sources instead of Kaiser. Thank you Dr. McCreery!

Your Patient and biggest fan,

Mary Filson

July 2011


This is Fabulous for me!!!

Hello Dr. Andrea!

Yes, I am noticing frequent voiding along with the lack of desire/want for unhealthy foods.  This is Fabulous for me!!!   And, as you said, “enzymes certainly support the loss of those unwanted pounds”, and, yours is the best I’ve ever taken.  I am pleased to share that I have lost 4lbs already without feeling or being hungry, and, that’s only been less than one week ago!.  I have also noticed that my sense of smell appears to be enhanced.  What an amazing product that Immuzyme® is for certain along with your Nutritional knowledge and recommendations.

Yes, I do find it wonderful when the plan comes together.  I am also looking forward to the follow-up to hear the great results!  Then starting the next step to permanent optimal health and well-being is my ultimate goal for the rest of my life.  I am also enjoying sharing this wonderful experience with others.  I do hope that the timing is right for them to begin or continue their next steps due to all of those Holiday goodies J

Yes, more questions:))-  Lol!  How long does the magnetic water last after I remove it from the magnetic pad?  I am purchasing another Brita pitcher to make life simpler.

I am so happy that I found you and Life-Sources!  I enjoy the positive energy and the connection that we have between us.  It is important to me to have that in all professional and non-professional relationships.  It is wonderful to spend time with you and recharging batteries.  What a gift you have; I’ve learned so much in just one visit.. 

See you soon!

Joanne Lamont (name changed per request)

December 2010




"A Very Satisfied Julie!"

I called Life Sources, Inc® for help this past June after reading an article on Life Sources' web site about a gentleman with Crohn's Disease.

So, I immediately made an appointment.

Approximately two years ago, the pain in my lower right side became more extreme and living with it was almost unbearable. Thankfully, I had been diagnosed with "only" with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  However, the pain would last up to 1-1/2 hours with such intensity that I literally wanted to die. My doctor prescribed just about everything from Tylenol to Morphine but nothing seemed to ease the pain.

After much suffering, I thought I should see my doctor "just in case". Finally, the doctor agreed to an MRI of which nothing abnormal could be found. In the meantime, I continued to follow Dr. McCreery's enzymatic and nutritional protocol.

It is now mid-July and I am feeling extraordinary relief; the pain has subsided to the point that I don't have hardly any flare-ups whatsoever. I am finally able to do things, plan social events and feel human once again.

Nothing has relieved the pain for my IBS better than Life Sources, Inc.'s products, her specific nutritional recommendations, and, especially, her proprietary blend called Immuzyme® along with Daily Health® Enzyme Formula.  Life Sources' enzymes are far the best - the most superior to any I've ever been able to find anywhere!!

Signed, "A very satisfied Julie"

November 2009


"The beginning of “Swine Flu”…?"

This can't wait - I want everyone who believes in "natural cures for the immune system to listen up"! 

Just about 1-1/2 months ago, I felt really ‘draggy'.  I have 2 small children to take care of, a sister living with me until she feels in better health after having heart surgery and a husband who's absolutely wonderful.  Thank god.

My energy level was so bad and becoming something I just couldn't even explain to anyone. After all, I was the caregiver to my sister and trying so hard to be a good mom to my kids.  Any of you moms out there reading this knows what that means...a LOT of work!

I had heard from a friend of a friend (we all know how this goes) and, she'd been to Dr. Andrea at Life Sources, Inc®.  From what I have heard, Dr. Andrea just nailed what her health issues were from "one tiny drop of blood viewed from her high-powered microscope".  Naturally, I was a bit skeptical; however, after thinking it over and knowing that this approach to an actual view of what could be lurking within my blood...well, it just made plain and great sense!  After all, with all the ‘hype' (no, I absolutely do NOT jump at everything I hear from the big pharma), this was right up my ally as, I must admit, that Swine Flu "epidemic" was sadly beginning to get inside my head.  But, her latest Newsletter, "Is it really all in your head" made me know I wasn't alone.  So...I made an appointment and went to see Andrea to hear what she had to say.  Oh, Wow. 

With my kids getting hungry as it's getting close to their lunch-time and naps I need to wind this up and let anyone reading this that there is absolutely no need to panic or entertain ‘any' death thoughts over this flu thing.  Dr. Andrea made recommendations, and, I kept up with my appointments according to her "special discount plan" she offers.  It makes great-affordable sense...No Drugs necessary...believe it!

Bottom line - I dragged for about 3 weeks prior to seeing her.  If I had NOT gone to see her and get onto a "protocol" (without antibiotics) to enhance my immune system - (not just buying supplements from a salesperson) and, to actually know what was causing my horrible (I mean "horrible") fatigue in the first place, I would have most likely spent 5 times the amount guessing.  This is why it's called Preventive Medicine or just plain Prevention!  And, I can honestly say, I could have been one of those people coming down with a very nasty bronchial/lung virus.  Or was it "just a virus"? (Pardon me...that Swine Flu made me a bit nervous as it seems intended to do), and, I learned that so-called viruses can also be bacterial!  That was scary enough, as, we just got out of the MRSA scare (or did we?) - I've heard it's still ‘around'...but, isn't it interesting THAT isn't making headlines as is the Swine Flu?...whatever.

For now, let me say that one should never ever take their health for granted.  I'm back...I mean I'm BACK to feeling like my old self again!  I cannot express enough gratitude to Dr. Andrea for helping me regain my life back...my immune system is really back and, I plan on keeping in touch with her!  I can actually get through my day without crying from feeling so ill when my kids cry.  In fact, I'm back to exercising instead. 

Thank you, Andrea - your company Life Sources, Inc. really helped me - and, I want everyone to know they should get over to see you.  The ‘real' flu season is here, and, will get worse if people do not realize how fantastic this microscopic approach (is there really a better way...not to me!) to build up your immune "fighter cells" so you do not have to run the risk of getting sick from anything!

Janice W.

September 2009


"I was chronically fatigued and hurt from head to toes"

Dr Andrea is a miracle worker. I suffered over 13 years with so called chronic prostatitis for lack of a correct diagnosis. Evidently, this term is from an urologists’ "DUH can't say for sure what the matter with you is". The years of antibiotics used to treat the symptoms and not the cause of this condition decimated my digestive track. Those witch doctor prescriptions caused me to develop Leaking Gut Syndrome and a safe haven for a major parasite invasion. I was chronically fatigued and hurt from head to toes. I recall being in a constant state of physical and mental exhaustion for years on end. I drank excessively because alcohol relieved my physical aches and mental anguish, albeit, temporarily. I spent thousands on any internet herb promising to alleviate my condition and all to no avail! Then one lucky day I picked up yet another health magazine and Dr. Andrea, of Life Sources, Inc., spoke directly to me. I can't forget it. The statement read "when you're sick and tired of being sick and tired " call. That call changed my life. In two short months the aches and pains have dramatically decreased to barely noticeable. I can easily open and close my right hand. Before, my middle finger used to lock so tightly that I had to physically and painfully open it with my other hand. No more alcohol and sugar cravings. I've gone from struggling to complete a 40 hour work week to 48 hours of overtime in December 2007. The only explanation for my transformation is Dr. Andrea's natural health and well-being regimen along with her high-powered microscope. I am eternally grateful to her helping me regain a sense of well being which I thought had been lost forever. The healing gift that you Dr. Andrea share is beyond compare. I only wish that I would have found you many, many years ago.

Armando Vasquez

January 2008


"I transformed back into a healthy person for the first time in years"

This testimony is to acknowledge a great medical tool that has been overlooked and my hope to those of you reading this realize that I made the right choice coming to Life Sources, Inc. and to express my deepest gratitude to Dr. McCreery. I am finally a healthy person due to her work and direction.

I had been feeling ill for years and getting worse with Conventional Medicine not being able to correctly diagnose my problem(s). Year after year I had increasing poor health which was leading to a lot of depression.

I had nasty blood and everything in it! There was mold, infections (bacteria) along with parasites! I was not shocked to have such sick blood because I felt so very ill all the time. However, I was extremely surprised as I have always been because I've always considered myself an overly clean person. That just doesn't count, not even sanitizing everything in sight. Ugs are able to somehow find themselves living inside you!

Within one week of taking all that was suggested that I take (called a protocol) I transformed back into a healthy person for the first time in years.

I feel so fortunate to have found Life Sources.

God has truly blessed me and it is such an overwhelming feeling to feel so good everyday (not OLD) and to SMILE and BE HAPPY.

Meagan H.
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November 2007


"This is the first time I have felt clarity of mind and spirit in a very long time"

Dr. Andrea,

I wanted to take the time to thank you for guiding me through the process of helping me achieve the health and wellness I have not experienced in over 20 years. Since being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndrome many years ago, I have seen countless doctors who have explained that there is no cure for my condition and hand me prescription after prescription to alleviate the symptoms. Nothing has provided me relief until I started on your protocol. Within the first month, I started feeling better from the inside out and have experienced continued improvement. After three months, I am off ALL of my prescription medications and seldom have to take the muscle relaxant I keep on hand for flare-ups.

This is the first time I have felt clarity of mind and spirit in a very long time, and I appreciate the time you have spent in explaining my blood work and how the supplements and dietary changes affect my body and wellbeing.

The damage of Fibromyalgia and MPS has taken its toll over the years and I know that it takes time to repair that damage. I look forward to working together as a team and feeling a little bit better every day!

Most sincerely,

Corinne Poindexter
Granite Bay

May 2007


"I am OFF ALL prescription medications!"

I've been a client of Life Sources for three years under the watchful eye of Dr Andrea since February 2004. I was referred to her by a medical doctor who happens to be a dear family friend of mine. In brief, I came home from the Bahamas Nov 2004 with a virus of some sort that was never really defined by my HMO doctors. Lab work of all sorts was done, but nothing could be found to be causing my symptoms.

Though I was eventually given an antiviral with prednisone, I never really got well and eventually lost the hearing in my left ear. After being in constant treatment November 03 all the way through March 2004 plus testing and treatment for my hearing loss, I was told I had "Sudden Hearing Loss" something medicine has no explanation OR treatment for. When I called my friend, Dr. Carter, and told him he gave me Dr Andrea's number and made me promise to call her the very next day to set an appointment. The rest is history ...I could again hear in my left ear within the first week of doing the protocol Dr Andrea put me on! And I've been with her ever since. Not only that, the pain in my back was easing off with each and every day, and, now I can say with all sincerity, "I am OFF ALL prescription medications!" The medical doctors re-tested my hearing after a couple of months in her care and they were speechless as my left ear was testing as well as my right. In fact, now, the hearing in both ears is even better than they had been for years!I could go on and on for hours about what I have witnessed in the process of my own blood being restored to health, but, most importantly, I want you to understand that microscopic examination of the blood reveals the clearest picture of the blood's state. It sheds light on things NOT discovered in the battery of tests performed in the medical lab. I can attest to this because I had 2 multi-tiered blood test (tests run more than one way) plus additional lab work using a stool sample ...and the 2nd blood test was just 7-10 days prior to Dr Andrea's 1st examination! All the medical lab work said I was parasite-free and showed no virus or complication, but, what an eye opener was revealed despite the lab reports! To tell you what the microscope revealed (even to my untrained eye) would make your skin crawl...literally.

I hope this helps for many others to know why I am doing 99% better, and, it's taught me one of the most important lessons in maintaining your HEALTH and, by becoming pro-active you should "eat healthy, exercise and take those supplements accordingly".To sum up, I hate to think what would have happened to me had I not taken responsibility and become pro-active in my own health. Like Dr. Andrea says, "you are the best doctor you'll ever have, and, it is the one you're walking around with.your own body!"

Yvonne Dale
Future Director

January 2007


"For years of not being able to concentrate, he feels so happy and has hope for his future"

Dr. McCreery;

Sorry it's taken me so long to finally write this as I had wanted to share what your article on ADD/ADHD which appeared in Healthy Living Magazine sometime ago has done for my grandson.

The wonderful benefits of this product, OPC-165 have kept my grandson free of Ritalin! It began years ago when he was only eight years old. His doctor had prescribed Ritalin, and, when he tried to take it, he would have an urgency to spit it out. The memory of this lasted up until recently when the family read about your article concerning your amazing supplement; OPC-165 without the dreaded side-effects.

He is now 22. For years of not being able to concentrate, he feels so happy and has hope for his future. This product seems to produce an anti-depressant effect which, most definitely is a huge plus that he experiences!

Prior to taking the OPC-165, he was only able to keep a job for a maximum of three to four months at most. He felt as though his body was going on a continuous marathon and was not able to accomplish anything, including the incapacity of being a responsible young father of two small children. His inability to concentrate has improved so dramatically, that he notices an enormous difference should he forget to take them. Without this wonderful supplement, his life would seem hopeless.

Thank you so much for carrying this amazing product. It has changed his life for the better, and, he doesn't have to go around feeling drugged or like a Zombie.

I will keep you posted on his continuing progress!

Marlene Quist
Camp Douglas, WI

March 2006


"I went back to my primary physician and he couldn't believe what he was seeing."

Dear Dr. McCreery

I have had something wrong with me since 1964 when I had leg spasticity and finally broke out a rash. The doctor told me that it was a virus. It would go away in a couple of days and I'd be fine.Well, it's 39 years later, I'm 55 and I have Multiple Sclerosis. There was no MS on either side of my family tree. I was diagnosed and verified by CAT scans, MRI and by a team of neurologists of Sansum Clinic in 1985.

In 1984 my son had the same rash. I told the doctor that if he wanted to become famous, swab my son, as he was looking at the beginning of MS. He told me that I have an overactive imagination, that my son had a virus, it would go away in a couple days and he'd be fine. He's not fine! It's been 10 years and he has muscle twitches and spasticity!

In 2003 my youngest daughter was diagnosed with Bells Palsy. The chief specialist at UCLA and Sansum neurologists could only describe her droopy face and nystagmus as a virus. On Thanksgiving she broke out in the all too familiar rash. The doctor said she had a virus, it would go away in a couple days and she'd be fine. This time I had done my homework. I had been disabled and retired for 6 years; had researched night and day as to what may be happening to all of us and I was ready. This was way bigger than me. I had things narrowed down to a mycoplasma infection. I was beginning to understand that because it lacks cell walls it is capable of hiding from the immune system. The T-lymphocytes sweep them up not knowing the ancillary damage which was beginning to spread; becoming too overwhelming for my immune system to handle. The organism itself can only be seen by a high-powered microscope (Scanning Electron Microscope) at 40,000 magnification. I proceeded to inquire as to how many holes I needed to kick in the walls and doors before he called the police and had me hauled away or could he refer me to someone that could verify that we all had mycoplasma infections. He said mycoplasma, funny you should mention mycoplasm. He went to his office and came back with a post-it note with the name, Life Sources, Inc. and their telephone number. He said that regular medicine isn't consistent enough in their efforts to identify that infection by if anybody could find it, Life Sources could.

We called and scheduled an appointment.

Dr. McCreery confirmed that both my daughter and I were plagued with raging mycoplasma infections. She showed us via the monitor connected to her microscope the markers. The INVADERS were everywhere. They had disseminated my blood cells! No wonder I felt so bad, how come no one looked for this before?

Dr. McCreery explained the process of these insidious critters and, made recommendations for a protocol to kill them off!

We began the Life Sources protocol and I began to feel energy finally in 12 days, but, then I was heavily into antibiotics. I stopped 9 years of interferon injections the end of that month. My daughter is a teen aged skeptic and it took her 5 weeks to notice a change because she was only taking minimal doses. She's a believer now.

If there was ever an answer to prayers, this is the real thing. It is working for other MSers and people with other autoimmune diseases as well.

I've not missed a day of self dosage in 10 months and similar to an over-due fetus, I've been born again. I have a tremendous amount of damage to overcome from 54 years of traditional medical diagnosis failure, but, I have made health a #1 priority since Life Sources, Inc. gave me my life back as I now walk without assistance because my canes are in the closet. I can see again and feel I can live another 50 years.

Before I started this protocol, I wasn't going to see 60 for sure. I went back to my primary physician and he couldn't believe what he was seeing. He said I looked 25 years younger and wanted to try some of the product that I was using so he could see how it worked on him. My daughter is a healthy young woman, in 9th grade and is not going to find out what this infection is capable of doing. That was my job and, I got it. She is fine, fine, fine like any normal teen should be. I will shout from the highest mountain where to go to get results but it's up to the individual to stay on the program; take it from me, you DO NOT want to ever go back! The traditional medical community had 54+ years to get things right and they almost killed me. Dr. Andrea McCreery, President/Founder of Life Sources, Inc. has had only had 10 months and not only guided me step by step in her recommendations, my MS hasn't only been stopped cold, but, is reversing each day; week by week, month by month and I will NEVER go back to traditional medicine except for medications that need to work right now or for emergency attention following an accident. It's 400 miles one way for us to get to Life Sources, Inc., but, it's worth every foot.

Gerald E.

November 2004


"I have now followed the Life Sources protocol for 2 years and I never realized I could feel so good"

Dear Dr. McCreery,
I wanted you to have a copy of my testimony that I have e-mailed to Betty.

Dear Betty,

I am so glad you have had a chance to see Dr. McCreery; she is so awesome! I would love to share my Life Sources experience with you so that you can share it with others.

Three years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis after a bout of Optic Neuritis. This official diagnosis was preceded by 10 years of off and on symptoms (numbness, weak leg, etc.) that I knew in my heart was MS. The neurologist wanted me to immediately start on the commonly used ABC drugs. I did research on the drugs and decided that I did not want to go this route, as the long-term effects of their use is still unknown. Plus, these drugs only have a 20% success rate! Over the next few months I did more research. I first did a major diet change, which helped tremendously, but I was still troubled by fatigue, and some off and on symptoms. Next I tried such things as bee sting therapy - ugh, and a whole host of cure all supplements, none of which lived up to their claim. Finally, through a series of events, I met a woman named Andrea McCreery who is the Founder and President of Life Sources, Inc.- a clinic in Sacramento, California. At the clinic, she does live blood analysis. In this process she analyzes a small drop of blood under the microscope, and based on what she finds, makes recommendations to improve your health. I have now followed the Life Sources protocol for 2 years and I never realized I could feel so good! This protocol, along with the elimination of processed sugar, dairy, gluten and severely limited saturated fats, has completely relieved me of the fatigue that was so intense I often wondered if you could die from it jokingly, of course. My thought processes are clearer and the numbness and weakness in my leg is gone. I know I look better because when I took my son to the doctor, he was more interested in what I was doing because he said I looked so good. This doctor now sends his patients up to Dr. McCreery at the Life Sources clinic. I believe that this protocol, along with my diet will keep me free of MS symptoms. This may not work for everyone, but, it is so worth looking into!

I hope this is what you are looking for. I tend to ramble on about it because I am very passionate about it because of what it has done for me over the past 32 years.

Take care Betty, and, I hope it has positive results for you. Keep in touch.

Andrea J.

November 2004


"Due to the Life Sources protocol... I have not had any more flare-ups or abdominal pain"

Approximately 17 years ago I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. I had surgery to remove about 6 inches of my small intestine.

It was about one year ago the flare-ups began which included diarrhea and abdominal pain.

I happened to be reading a local magazine and came across the Health Section. The article that caught my eye was captioned, Enzymes or Pain Killers. It had Life Source name as to where I could find out more information concerning a proprietary blend called ReGenesis (now renamed, immuzyme) - an anti-inflammatory enzyme/synergistic formula.

Within the next few days, I called and made an appointment.

Dr. Andrea McCreery made recommendations based upon her findings from her high-powered microscope using DIC and Phase Contrast Microscopy. This scientific observation is called, Vital Hematology, and she was able to explain certain abnormalities and risk factors from her observation of blood cells via a high powered microscope with a camera leading to a 14 monitor.

She made simple recommendations, and, today I must say that due to the Life Sources protocol, which included immuzyme, The Original Olive Leaf Extract, Probiotics and Daily Health enzymes, I have not had any more flare-ups or abdominal pain since.

Folsom, CA

June 2004


"The massage therapist was very impressed with how nicely hydrated my tissues are and how clean my lymph system is"


I got an update from my friend Susan, and it's very exciting stuff. Here's some of what she told me this morning via e-mail:

"My regime is already showing some differences--I've almost eliminated the TUMS and Pecid, just don't need 'em, and I'm so busy with all this frickin ENERGY I don't know what to do with myself. You can literally eat off my floors and my spring garden I planted is looking GREAT! If I can just get that angle right on the miniature leaning tower of PIZA I'm building in the back yard! I'm KIDDING... My sister was particularly interested in my intake of Argenten 23 (liquid silver) which I must take every two hours and she was going to look it all up on the internet (yes, the internet--the last bastion of truth in commerce!) She's never heard of it and wondered about the intake of silver--"that can't be good for you". But as I told them, the proof is in the results kiddo! I haven't felt this good in a long time.

So, I thank you a thousand times over...I am going to CURVES today to get signed up...gotta do something with all this extra energy. "

Thought you'd like to know what a difference you're making. Thanks!

By the way, I got a massage on Friday, and the massage therapist was very impressed with how nicely hydrated my tissues are and how clean my lymph system is. "Like glass" she said. I told her about you and your services and she asked to get some info which I e-mailed to her later. Pretty cool, huh?


March 2004


"I wish there was a way to inform everyone that they do not have to continue to feeling yucky forever."

I walked into Life Sources, Inc. dragging my feet and walked out with a bounce in my step, literally. I am no longer the skeptic, or the ailing person I was, despite being born with mild Cerebral Palsy.

All of my 25 years of life I have been plagued with tense muscles, thanks to my disability, but about five years ago, more problems have appeared like chronic sinus infections, dizziness, migraines, fatigue, loss of concentration, aches and dry eyes, among other ailments. After countless trips to the doctors, blood tests and missed days at work I was still feeling awful and now a little insane. I knew I was not this sick person I had become, but all the antibiotics, muscles- relaxers, and allergy pills in the world did little to make me better. In fact, I was beginning to have more health problems. I was constantly groggy from what I called my medicine hangover, my stomach was constantly upset, I could no longer wear my contacts and my skin was so sensitive I could hardly wear make-up. I was no longer the outgoing person I used to be because I was so exhausted and tired of being sick. What was wrong with me? Am I going to be sick the rest of my life? What was wrong with the doctors who could not make me feel better?

I visited Life Sources, Inc. on a Saturday feeling nauseated, dizzy and my legs ached. I did not think anything would make me better, especially since the doctors could not, but what would it hurt to let one more person have their chance at thinking they had the golden cure. I already felt like a lab rat with all the remedies I was trying. January 24th, 2004. That is the day that will be etched in my memory forever because that was the day I became a believer in alternative medicine. That is the first day I visited Life Sources, Inc. Before Andrea red my blood under the microscope, she gave me five Immuzyme, two OPC-165 and some Aloe Vera juice. About 30 minutes later Andrea asked me how I felt and for the first time in a really long time I noticed my legs felt so much better that I walked around for a bit testing my legs out because they felt so good. I was also not so nauseated.

The Immuzyme® was a dream come true. It truly made my legs and body feel less achy and more relaxed. This truth could not have been made more apparent to me than when I ran out for a few days and my legs started aching more than they had since I started the supplements. A half hour after I took more Immuzyme. My legs and body felt less tense. No muscles relaxers needed. No more medicine hangovers. The Colloidal Silver was also another lifesaver for me. It ridded me of my sinus infections and migraines, without all the side effects of prescriptions antibiotics. I never thought I'd see the day when that would happen.

I no longer need all the prescriptions I had been taking and I feel better than ever. Each day I take all the supplements recommended for my body and everyday I feel a little better. I do have bad days here and there, as my body heals itself, but there has definitely been an upward trend. Even the bad days are not so bad because I just remind myself that I feel ill because all the toxins are coming out of my body and it will pass; soon I will feel even better.

It pains me to look back on the last five years of my life and remember being sick on every holiday, weekend and every other day in between, but now everyday I look forward to feeling better and I know there is hope of feeling better. I won't have to look back on the next five years of my life with such despise. My body and legs feel better than they have in years. I wish there was a way to inform everyone that they do not have to continue to feeling yuckyĀ¯ forever. Traditional doctors and prescriptions are not the answer for everything. In fact, most of them just lower the body's ability to maintain a healthy immune system.


September 2003


"My energy and enthusiasm is returning with a vengeance."

In January of 2003 I was rushed to the emergency hospital with symptoms of extreme dizziness and nausea. These symptoms persisted for six hours. I lay in the hospital bed for three (3) hours until someone gave me water and Valium. I had a CT scan and was sent home. No diagnosis was made. They told me, just don't make any sudden movements, and take a Valium and lay down if you get dizzy again! I thought I was dying.

I was weak and out of sorts for a while and then seemed to be getting better when in April it hit me again. This time was much less severe. I lay down, vomited, finally could keep a Valium down and got over it after a couple for days rest.

After seeing my doctor at Kaiser and another family doctor, both of which said, these things happen; we don't know why. My husband, Bill said to try Life Sources, Inc. It was now the first week in August. Dr. McCreery analyzed my blood and found enough bacteria, parasites and Mycoplasmas to kill a horse and couldn't believe I was upright and walking around.

I was placed on a regimen to clean up my blood. By the end of August I was hospitalized again. I had another CT scan and MRI that ruled out a brain tumor. What I found out was I was really experiencing a healing crisis, also known as a Herxheimer reaction. This is the result from the death of large numbers of pathological organisms. It is believed by Holistic Physicians to indicate an excellent indication of healing or backlash effect to proper treatment.

I have slowly been gaining strength under the watchful eye of Dr. McCreery of Life Sources, Inc. My good doctor called frequently to adjust my medicines and check on my well being. My energy and enthusiasm is returning with a vengeance. I not only decorated my house for Christmas before Thanksgiving, but painted and decorated the inside of my barn and got ALL of my Christmas shopping done and sent out Christmas cards, too!

I am happy to recommend Life Sources Inc. and Dr. McCreery to any and all interested in feeling better and being healthier!


August 2003


"Once again you were right ... having proper enzyme balance takes away those cravings."

Dear Dr. McCreery,

When I first came to see you back in May of this year, I came with a bit of skepticism that any natural or alternative treatment could help me with my health issues that pharmaceutical drugs couldn't seem to manage.

I am happy to admit I was wrong!

I am so impressed with your knowledge of nutrition and how our bodies are affected when something is out of line. You explained so thoroughly what we were looking at in my blood, and you knew what I had to do to reverse my high blood sugar, high blood pressure, parasites, liver stress, pain (from neuropathy in my feet) and free radical damage.

After just a few months of following your suggestions for nutritional supplements and diet I am very pleased that for the first time in over three years, my blood sugar levels in the mornings has dropped over 100 points into the normal range! Even while taking two prescription blood sugar medications, my morning readings were over 200 points (800-110 being normal). Now, as I cut back my dosages (with my Doctor's approval) my reading this morning was 104! I hope to be completely off my prescriptions for high blood sugar within a few more months.

High blood pressure? I'm already off that medicine completely and have daily normal readings!

Neuropathy? My discomfort levels have dropped over 75% and my feet no longer wake me in the middle of the night.

Now for the even more amazing thing. I have fought my weight ever since I was two years old (I'm now 42). At our first meeting, you told me not to be surprised if once I get my body in balance, the weight would start falling off. I almost laughed out loud if I couldn't work hard and get the weight off, how would it ever be easy? But once again you were right. I have lost 20 pounds in the past couple of months and it's never been so easy! I'm not hungry, and I sometimes have to remind myself I should eat something. Food is no longer an obsession, and that is a wonderful freedom. Yes, I've stopped eating sugar and refined carbohydrates (white bread, rice, pasta) but, haven't done anything else. Whenever I've tried this type of eating lifestyle before, I had horrible cravings for sugar and carbs, but, not anymore. Once again you were right ... having proper enzyme balance takes away those cravings.

Some would say my blood pressure and blood sugar readings have dropped because I've lost weight. Yes, that's certainly helping, but my blood sugar levels dropped over 60 points BEFORE I lost even one pound, so I'm convinced it was the protocol that was working and the weight loss is helping to ensure my continued success.

I feel younger, have more energy and just feel great! You know how it feels on the first day of Spring, you think, life is good? That's how I feel everyday now!

Please feel free to share my story with others, and I invite them to call me with questions.

Thank you for giving my life back, Dr. McCreery.


Mary Anne Davis
Account Executive

August 2003


"I am doing so well, in fact, I have been retained for a new job back in the medical field!"

My name is Patti, and no one cares but God and my Family; or so I thought.

I was diagnosed this year with Rheumatoid Arthritis - incurable. Due to the condition I was laid off from my job. With only EDD benefits as a source of income and no other training or skill for a new job, my future looked bleak, dark and lonely.

I remembered a card a friend gave to me three years ago Life Sources, Inc.

I dialed the number on the card and left a message on the answering machine. One hour later, on her day off, Dr. Andrea returned my call. Andrea was encouraging and informed me she could help me. At the time I desperately needed Hope!

I kept my appointment, and left LIFE SOURCES on cloud 9, 10, skip to 12! Andrea is one of a kind. I affectionately call her Princess Grace of Monoco, but, really she's like Whoopie Goldberg on the inside.

When I made the appointment, Dr. McCreery showed me via the monitor (like a small television screen) which is directed from the camera a top her high powered microscope, the nutritional deficiencies and risk factors my immune system was unable to handle. She made recommendations for my particular suppressed immune system which include her proprietary blend of proteolytic enzymes. It's called ReGenesis and targets pain. While decreasing the pain and increasing the ability for me to regain the use of my right thumb, the product called ReGenesis also HEALS the tissues which have been inflamed by the minute bacteria called the mycoplasma. She also recommended her proprietary blend of OPC-165. These in conjunction with the Life Sources ReGenesis, helped me gain the use of my right hand.

After following Dr. Andrea's suggestion for nutritional supplements and diet, I am happy to report I am doing so much better, - on my way to recovery. I am doing so well, in fact, I have been retained for a new job back in the medical field!

Also, I trust my five year old grandson who suffers from (dark eyes) allergies in Dr. Andrea's hands.

Wherever I am at school, the grocery store, even at the DMV (i.e., anywhere I share and pass on my experiences and Dr. Andrea's information. Even the nurses at my doctor's office were excited about new information to alternative wellness.



July 2003