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Targeted Nutritional Intervention

You would not buy clothes without first trying them on, so why take vitamins and supplements without first finding out if they "fit" your body's requirements?

What we need nutritionally is fundamentally based upon our age, gender, genetics, diet, exercise and stress levels. Each person's health needs are different and constantly changing throughout their lives. In order to determine an individual's nutritional needs, we need to closely examine the one essential life giving substance, that carries oxygen and nutrients to every single portion of our bodies, our blood.

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Utilizing the remarkable technique of live blood microscopy we are able to examine a single drop of blood taken painlessly from the your finger. Together we will view the magnified blood cells on a television monitor and identify potential risk factors and deficiencies that are not evident unless viewed under a microscope. Blood is the Rosetta Stone to our body and reveals the mystery of many nutritional deficiencies. These include stress, infection, oxygen uptake, free radical damage, immune system activity, allergies and precursors to chronic illnesses.

Damaged Red blood cells with a spiked shape
indicate free radical damage.
Healthy red blood cells and plasma
after 30 day Life Sources Protocol.

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The health of the cell depends on the surrounding fluid. To keep the cell healthy, you take care of the fluid that nourishes it and the environment that supports it. Rejuvenate the cell and you rejuvenate the body. After viewing specific variations in your blood we are able to recommend a targeted nutritional and supplemental protocol specifically geared toward your body's needs. It is our goal at Life Sources to educate, inspire, and involve you in your own personal journey to self-health awareness. Not only can we add years to your life ­ we will add life to your years!

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