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Sustaining healthy cells and living disease free

It is clear that the key to prevention and treatment of diseases and even common illnesses is a healthy, well-functioning immune system. We were born with this magnificent defensive apparatus. Many of us were provided from birth with the essential immune support precursors present from our parents and their parents and so on. However, with maturing age, changing lifestyle habits and an increasingly antagonistic environment, this source of protection is not something we can expect in these times.

Think for just a minute of the hundreds of new chemicals introduced into the atmosphere, the water supply, and overwhelming additives into the food plus into agriculture. Or, think of the emergence of new strains of lethal bacteria and viruses with the widespread use of antibiotics in the twentieth century. Or, think of the pace of life and the ironic sedentary lifestyle of contemporary society. Add to this, changing dietary habits, a modern sexual revolution, the popularity and abuse of drugs (prescription and non-prescription) and the picture gets no better.As you read this you may be wondering if your immune system is compromised. The list of conditions might help you with the answer:

  • Recent use of pharmaceutical drugs including antibiotics
  • burning the candles at both ends with limited amount of sleep
  • doing one of the so-called “fad diets”
  • Chronic infections
  • A recent trauma or surgery
  • An exhausted athlete

You may have any of a hundred and one other reasons to be concerned. In any case, your immune system can sustain damage and become defective. Consequently, it will not do its job effectively.


Free radicals play a role in most common illnesses and many degenerative diseases. More and more oxidation mechanisms are being implicated in the disease process. Therefore, the so-called antioxidant revolution is already taking place with antioxidants becoming a more than ever important daily supplement. When these versatile protectors are depleted, the body's defense is then too weak and it becomes overwhelmed your performance suffers. Life Sources' OPC-165™ prevent this from happening as they are 50 times stronger than Vitamin E, 20 times stronger than Vitamin E!Scientists today believe that all of us on a daily basis are victims of microscopic damage to our cells and even our organs. Random mutations (see Mycoplasmas and Autoimmune Disorders) take place during your normal growth and reproduction. Renegade cells must be continued and destroyed. Your healthy metabolism produces toxic products that must be neutralized. Your cellular damage from free radicals, oxidation reactions and ingested or inhaled poisons must all be counteracted regularly. Only a well-functioning immune system can defend you body from all such insults to preserve your health. Otherwise, you are prone to illness and disease. In the real world, depressed immunity is pandemic.The immune system can become harmed in a short period of time, especially if we abuse ourselves. It is genetically designed for your protection; to shelter you from disease. But it will protect you only if you take charge of yourself. And, this relates to all the lifestyle issues. Your habits hold the key to either health or illness.


Our immune system actually has different responsibilities. One is obviously to fight off any internal source of illness. Another is to gather information on any developing disease process and to communicate rapidly to different but specific cells and organs which can then be recruited for defensive function. Other cells produce “ammunition” known as antibodies, cell toxins, and so forth which destroy foreign invaders before they strike. Intricacies of the whole system keeps you safe and healthy, despite the threats of infection from bacteria, viruses, and yeast which are neutralized by renegade cells and are neutralized early while other toxins are kept at bay and tissue damage is averted. The immune system with its specific cells scattered throughout the body has the unique power to recognize chemical and biological threats for survival. These threats are then devoured by the phagocytes (the activated white blood cells). They are systematically isolated first then, neutralized and finally destroyed . Immuzyme® is our flagship product which boosts the entire immune system. See our complete pamphlet on this product!Becoming aware of how this magnificent system works can make all the difference in the world in how you feel daily. It's a matter of taking it seriously and not allowing one to become cognizant of the needs the immune system requires at all times.Low immunity manifests itself in all kinds of sub-clinical symptoms;

  • “the common cold”
  • flu-like symptoms
  • frequent fevers
  • low-energy and consistent fatigue
  • “brain fog”
  • mood swings
  • chronic gastrointestinal problems, i.e., “acid reflux”
  • pain in the abdominal areas
  • diarrhea and/or constipation
  • headaches

Do you suffer from “vague and inconsistent symptoms”? In other words these troublesome symptoms in which you make a visit to your primary care physician who can't really find a true diagnosis, yet, you may find yourself instead being referred to anther physician, i.e., “specialist” and, ultimately, being referred to a psychologist? These are situations we're hearing about more and more these days.The “vague and inconsistent symptom” is your body's way of telling you something is wrong. It may very well may be an underlying symptom of a more insidious condition. Standard blood tests are not capable of finding these because they are simply looking in the wrong place. We call it “health by the numbers” and, looking for these only by “numbers” will usually indicate “normal” or negative results, yet, you continue to feel extremely exhausted and you begin to tell your friends “I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.” You are given a pill and told “this should help”.


Where to begin? Let's talk about the steps you can take before beginning a “prescription to optimize your immune system”. After all, not all “one size fits all”!

  1. Diet - There is no substitute anywhere for a healthy diet that is varied; high in fiber and low in fat, rich in fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains; abundant in fluids (see Life Sources, Inc. Magnetized Water for this “fluid of life”) restricted in sugar and salt. Modern fast and convenience foods simply cannot do justice to any immune system.
  2. Supplementation - To this cornerstone of good nutrition, it makes sense in contemporary industrialized societies to add supplements to ensure a guaranteed supplementation of some essential nutrients. In particular, the most potent antioxidant known to man is the Proanthocyanidin; better known as OPC-165™ Vitamins C and E have special importance to the immune system, as do the trace minerals selenium and zinc. There is also contribution from B Vitamins. Glutathione enhances or regulates the antioxidant vitamins to make them most effective for the liver (see Life Sources' Daily Health® Formula).
  3. Exercise – Nutrition, as we know is a great place to start. Then include some moderate exercise. Muscle activity is a process of aerobic respiration and cellular oxidation. Both mechanisms produce energy by catabolism, but the also produce harmful metabolites and those same dangerous free radicals. Glutathione is consumed during and after such oxidative stress to preserve the cellular integrity and restore homeostasis. It is highly important to combine liver producing antioxidants such as glutathione plus Life Sources' Immuzyme® and the powerful antioxidant OPC-165™ due to its ability to improve athletic endurances, reduces painful muscles and oxygenate the cells.
  4. Rest – Adequate rest is indispensable for the body to recuperate from all the physical, mental and biochemical stress that it must endure each day. The rhythm of life was designed for restoration of health on a regular basis. We turn on and start to wind up in the morning then we must turn off and wind back down at the end of the daily grind. Relaxation and re-creation are even as important as sleep.
  5. Controlled Stress – Speaking of stress, there is an ordinate level of tension and excitement that stimulates adrenalin and productivity. But those same hormones (in excess) can cause havoc and activity can become the enemy. Every person has a physical, mental and emotional elastic limit. Beyond that, we snap one way of the other. Learning balance, discipline and resilience will do wonders for your immune system.
  6. Avoiding Addiction – Alcohol, drugs and smoking are notoriously bad for the immune system. Enough said.
  7. Attitudes – Evidence is accumulating that the way we think and react to our life situation is somehow coupled into our physical bodies. This area of neuro-pscho-immunology is in its infancy but it is clear that remaining positive, hopeful, caring and interactive has definitive consequences for health and disease. You choose so much of your own destiny.
  8. Exposure – You will want to minimize exposure to all the physical, chemical and biological insults in the environment….as much as you can. These can all wreak havoc on your immune system. Do a brief analysis of what may be threatening to your health in your home and work surroundings and take appropriate measures to remove them.
  9. For optimal health we recommend Life Sources; Immuzyme®, OPC-165™, Daily Health® Formula, Alpha Factor, Squalamine and Probiotic.
  10. Be sure to ask or download these booklets for further informational reading.

Remember, proper diet and good nutrition have become known to be more prevalent today more than ever before. Today's lifestyles demonstrate how modern science and traditional wisdom can come together to provide practical answers to the issues that surround nutrition, so that one is brought into greater harmony with the environment and into closer touch with the inner Self and God. Always see a qualified healthcare practitioner before embarking upon any changes concerning your present health conditions.