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Why is "Healthy Blood" so important?

Our blood is a life-giving substance. It flows through every portion of our bodies. It caresses, touches, nourishes, heals and oxygenates every vital organ essential to our survival. Healthy blood flows fruitfully and effortlessly through every vein and artery. However, in today's present environment we have become more nutritionally deficient due to processed foods, pesticides, and chemicals. Our bodies remain under constant attack. Nutrition is leached and stolen from our foods and bodies, and nutrients essential to our blood's health become ever more scarce. Risk factors can begin to accumulate which include signs of stress, infection, free radical damage, allergies, and precursors to heart disease, cancer and more. It is Life Sources' goal to observe and evaluate these factors with Vital Hematology and correct them with Targeted Nutritional Intervention.

What is Vital Hematology?

Vital Hematology, also called Live Blood Analysis, is the science of studying the very fluid of life that is essential to every moment in our existence, our blood. It has been over 150 years since blood was first viewed under a microscope. However, with modern technology, the science of Vital Hematology has been perfected. With high-resolution optics and three-dimensional video imaging the observation of living blood is more accessible and accurate than ever before.

Observing our blood under the microscope is the equivalent to the discovery of the Rosetta Stone. In viewing this beautiful substance we are able to decode and evaluate many hidden messages and factors in which it contains right before your eyes.We are able to study and evaluate the shape and structure of the red and white blood cells and their overall condition. The blood plasma is also carefully analyzed for clots, parasites, fungus and other possible microorganisms. Over forty nutritional deficiencies and risk factors can be observed.

At Life Sources, Inc. we seek to educate and inspire our clients about the importance of health. We use a proactive approach while evaluating your blood. Not only are you an observer, you partake in the action. Our microscope equipped with the Direct Output Display System displays the images directly from the microscopes viewing field instantaneously to a monitor sitting right before the client. A VHS tape is then provided at the end of your journey for you to share with friends and family.

Life Sources, Inc provides a simple and remarkable scientific procedure that permits visual evidences of nutritional deficiencies and risk factors which are evident in our client's blood. For the first time in the Sacramento area, we offer this procedure to clients as a low cost way to isolate vague and inconsistent symptoms and address these issues through our system of Targeted Nutritional Intervention. (TNI). Find out more about Vital Hematology.

Targeted Nutritional Intervention

It is our goal to bring your body back to a state of ""balance"" and since we are able to observe these possible risk factors before standard blood tests are able to detect chemical changes. We can begin to correct these abnormalities with proper nutrition and supplementation using our unique approach we call Targeted Nutritional Intervention. There is a monumental difference between treating symptoms with prescription drugs and sustaining health naturally. It cannot be argued that our body maintains health through nutrition, not through chemicals, which manipulate our bodies systems. True healthcare requires that an individual become proactive in one's own health management. We seek to nourish the body and provide it with the essential tools it needs in order to properly repair itself.

More than 100 million Americans (men, women, and children) suffer from some form of chronic illness and more than 70% of hospital admissions are due to chronic conditions. The majority of these illnesses could have been prevented if these deficiencies were targeted with proper nutritional supplementation. Since the opening of Life Source's doors in 1999 we have sought to provide you and your family with honest and factual information ranging anywhere from rare and complex nutritional deficiencies to the common cold. It is our goal at Life Sources to educate and inspire you and to involve you in your own personal journey to self-health-awareness. We seek to unlock the mystery of nutrition and help you reach optimal health! Find out more about Targeted Nutritional Intervention.

fig 1. Healthy red blood cells

fig 2. Bacteria - Staphylococcus

fig 3. Target cells, Echinocytes, Acanthocytes and Codiciles

fig 4. Rouleau

fig 5. Neutrophil within yeast colony, Spherocytes