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Say Goodbye to Pain, Fatigue, and Chronic Health Problems!

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Feeling years, or even decades older than you actually are? Do you suffer from chronic pain, headaches, or weakness? Constantly feeling tired and fatigued? Did you know all of these vague and inconsistent symptoms can be stopped or reversed with Targeted Nutritional Intervention? At Life Sources, Inc. we can help you look and FEEL healthy again!
How often do you wake up in the morning feeling years older than your actual age? Do you ever feel lost, frustrated, or bewildered walking through the endless isles of the health food store searching to add new multivitamins or herbal supplementation to your diet to no avail? Tired of all of the diet gimmicks which do not produce results? If this is you there is hope and Dr. Andrea McCreery at Life Sources, Inc. can help!

Dr. Andrea McCreery has been practicing the art and science of live blood microscopy while incorporating Targeted Nutritional Intervention with astounding results for over five years. Dr. McCreery analogizes: "When we go shopping to buy new clothes, how often do we buy them without first trying them on, so why would we take vitamins and supplements without first discovering if they "fit" our body's requirements?" Utilizing the remarkable technique of live blood microscopy, Dr. McCreery is able to examine a single drop of blood taken painlessly from the client's finger. During this process of discovery both Dr. McCreery and the client can observe this miraculous fluid of life in real time via a monitor right before their eyes. Dr. McCreery states, "Each person's health needs are as different as we ourselves are individually. What we need nutritionally is fundamentally based upon our age, gender, genetics, diet, exercise, and stress levels, which change constantly throughout our lives. In order to determine our client's nutritional needs, we need to closely examine the one essential life giving substance that carries oxygen and nutrients to every single part of our bodies-- our blood. That is why live blood analysis is so vitally important when creating a nutritional protocol--and best of all, it is tailored specifically towards the clients specific nutritional needs."

Stop Feeling Sick and Tired!

A Life Source's Client Shares Hope:

When I first came in May of this past year, I came with a bit of skepticism that any "natural" or "alternative" treatment could help me with my health issues that pharmaceutical drugs couldn't seem to manage. I am happy to admit I was wrong!

I am so impressed with your knowledge of nutrition and how our bodies are affected when something is out of line. [Dr. McCreery] explained so thoroughly what we were looking at in my blood, and you knew what I had to do to reverse my high blood sugar, high blood pressure, parasites, liver stress, pain (from neuropathy in my feet) and free radical damage. After just a few months of following your suggestions for nutritional supplements and diet I am very pleased that for the first time in over three years, my blood sugar levels in the mornings has dropped over 100 points into the normal range! Even while taking two prescription blood sugar medications, my morning readings were over 200 points (800-110 being normal). Now, as I cut back my dosages (with my Doctor's approval) my reading this morning was 104! I hope to be completely off my prescriptions for high blood sugar within a few more months.

High blood pressure? I'm already off that medicine completely and have daily normal readings! Neuropathy? My discomfort levels have dropped over 75% and my feet no longer wake me in the middle of the night. Now for the even more amazing thing...I have fought my weight ever since I was two years old (I'm now 42). At our first meeting, you told me not to be surprised if once I get my body in balance; the weight would start falling off. I almost laughed out loud--if I couldn't work hard and get the weight off, how would it ever be easy? But once again you were right. I have lost 20 pounds in the past couple of months and it's never been so easy! I'm not hungry, and I sometimes have to remind myself I should eat something. Food is no longer an obsession, and that is a wonderful freedom. Yes, I've stopped eating sugar and refined carbohydrates (white bread, rice, pasta) but, haven't done anything else.

Whenever I've tried this type of eating lifestyle before, I had horrible cravings for sugar and carbs, but, not anymore. Once again Dr. McCreery was right, having proper enzyme balance takes away those cravings. Some would say my blood pressure and blood sugar readings have dropped because I've lost weight. Yes, that's certainly helping, but my blood sugar levels dropped over 60 points BEFORE I lost even one pound, so I'm convinced it was the protocol that was working and the weight loss is helping to ensure my continued success.

"I feel younger, have more energy and just feel great!
You know how it feels on the first day of spring,
you think; 'Life is good?'
That's how I feel everyday now!"

Please feel free to share my story with others, and I invite them to call me with questions.
Thank you for giving my life back, Dr. McCreery!


Mary Anne Davis
KNCO RADIO Account Executive
Grass Valley, CA

(Individual results will vary. This client's results are not typical. As always, Life Sources recommends you consult with your health care practitioner before making any dietary changes.)

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