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Reversed Aging

Aging can be Stopped and Even Reversed: The Search for the fountain of youth!

Since the fabled search for the fountain of youth, men have struggled with the question of why we age and how to stop it. Ten years ago, if one asked a medical practitioner what exactly causes aging, most Doctors would often shrug their shoulders and answer "Because we do."

Research regarding anti-aging actually goes back to the early 1900's in a remarkable experiment conducted by Dr. Alexis Carrell. He managed to sustain the life of heart tissue from a chicken embryo by immersing it in a solution containing all the nutrients necessary for life. The cells took up nutrients from the nutrient-rich broth and excreted their metabolic wastes into the same solution. Each day the old solution was discarded and replaced with fresh broth. The chicken tissue lived for 29 years until one night Dr. Carrell's assistant forgot to change the polluted solution!

Dr. Carrell stated, "The cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid in which it floats which degenerates. Renew this fluid at intervals, give the cell something on which to feed and, so far as we know, the pulsation of life may go on forever." While many of us might not agree that people could live forever, some scientists believe that the human body is capable of living at least 120 years.

In our own clinical studies where we examine the living blood of our clients (see Vital Hematology) for nutritional deficiencies and risk factors, we have found that he was not only correct, but simple things can be done to stop the rush of aging. If you are reading this, you hold in your hands, the essential keys (as we currently under-stand them) to anti-aging. When used in a Targeted Nutritional Intervention program, you can live longer with a higher quality of life than was ever imagined even ten years ago.

While aging is multi-dimensional, our protocol for anti-aging includes the elimination of free radical damage and replacement of certain co-factors associated with the aging process. These co-factors include enhancing the immune system and restoring the cellular level functions that decrease with age.

If one views the blood and plasma as the "renewable fluid" of Dr. Carrell's early experiments, for example, it follows that by getting the blood and plasma in right order, the process of aging stops. On the next page, we show an exhibit of what free radical damage looks like before any recommendations. The second exhibit is of the same person after 30 days on the Life Sources Anti-aging protocol.

In lieu of microscopic examination in our clinic (soon to relocate in Sacramento, Ca.), we recommend a total protocol consisting of the Life Sources Daily Health® Formula, OPC's and the Forever Young Formula. You should begin noticing a positive change in 30-60 days.