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In tests performed in clinics from New York to Arizona and by the Center for Disease Control, it is apparent that the U.S. has one of the highest rates of parasitic infestations in the world. In point of fact, we are 5 times higher than Mexico in 5 pathogenic parasites. It is dangerous and foolish to think that parasites are a Third World problem! The most common testing procedure is stool samples. Unfortunately, fecal samples are often not accurate due to the cyclic nature of the most common parasites. Parasites run in intervals and it is important to be certain that fecal tests be conducted when the parasites are "running" or seek a blood examination from a competent microscopist or microbiologist.

Pathogenic amoebas such as Giardia (a very common parasite can cause numerous symptoms not often associated with parasites. These symptoms can include allergies, arthritis, asthma, and even nerve disorders, yet few people are ever tested for parasites. Chronic amoebiasis, for example, can perforate the intestinal wall and enable larger food particles to enter the blood stream causing an immune response.

Common intestinal symptoms that many experience include bloating, diarrhea, flatulence, cramps and constipation. Parasites can be symptomatic of irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, leaky gut and a host of others. Often, clients diagnosed with chronic fatigue, allergies, memory loss, skin disorders and muscle pain are experiencing the results of parasites and never realize it!

Treatment for parasites generally lasts about 4-6 weeks and the individual should be re-tested. If the re-test shows positive (which is the case in about 45% of individuals), the treatment should be continued for another 4 weeks since these "critters" are tenacious and often go into hiding only to re-emerge after the treatment.

If an individual seems resistant to treatment, there may be other obstacles to consider: heavy metal contamination especially mercury which can also cause candidiasis; amoebic gingivitis which can cause reinfections; and reinfection through family members, pets, water and dining at questionable restaurants.

In lieu of a physician's examination for parasites, the best inexpensive method one can employ to guard against parasites and/or rid themselves of parasites is a parasite cleanse which may be purchased from your health food store. Follow the recommendations on the label and be sure the product contains all of the following :the green hull of the black walnut hull extract, cloves and wormwood. We suggest that supplementing with Sovereign Silver will also enhance the killing off of the parasitic eggs.

Continue the parasite cleanse for 30 days and remain on the cleanse periodically to reduce the risk of reinfection and practice good hygiene by washing your hands thoroughly.