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Mycoplasmas & Stealth Pathogens

The alarming rise in such auto immune disorders as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, MS, etc., is due in large part to environmental situations not the least of which include certain contaminants such as fluoride, heavy metals, over use of antibiotics (in our food supply), and pathogens in vaccinations.

Over the past few decades, intermittent research has been ongoing regarding stealth pathogens in vaccinations. One of these is the highly pleomorphic micro organism, mycoplasmas. There are about 70 species of these dangerous organisms which exist somewhere between virus and bacteria making "western" treatments ineffective and somewhat suspect. "Standard" treatments which include antibiotics are questionable given the fact that mycoplasmas may be a result of medical "treatments" to begin with and is a bit like returning to the mechanic who originally caused the damage to your car. Mycoplasmas can cause GI tract infections, upper respiratory problems, nerve damage and and a host of other problems not normally considered by established practitioners.

According to University of Texas researchers Joel B. Baseman and Joseph G. Tully "Recently, mycoplasmas have been linked as a cofactor to AIDS pathogenesis and to malignant transformation, chromosomal aberrations, the Gulf War Syndrome, and other unexplained and complex illnesses, including chronic fatigue syndrome, Crohn's disease, and various arthritides. Even with mounting evidence of their pervasive and pathogenic potential, mycoplasmas still evoke the image of a group of obscure or impotent microorganisms. Yet they are evolutionarily advanced procaryotes, and their elite status as "next generation" bacterial pathogens necessitates new paradigms in fully understanding their disease potential."

We consistently observe mycoplasma damaged red blood cells in the blood in a consistently growing percentage of patients. Our process is simple and direct; eliminate the mycoplasma and reverse the damage done. While this may seem simplistic keep this caveat in mind; one may generally assume as a rule of thumb that reversal of disease requires one month for every year of suffering.

Ridding the body of mycoplasmas requires a total commitment on the part of the patient since they are highly defiant "critters." Due to the need for brevity in this newsletter, we recommend you e-mail us and request our recommendations for eliminating mycoplasmas and reversing autoimmune disorders.