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Mission Statement

At Life Sources® Inc. we work together interactively and collaboratively.Have you ever left a doctor’s office being told, “There’s nothing wrong with you”, yet, you feel there IS something wrong?

We are about Preventive Health, not “health by the numbers”. You will learn more in one day from me about your immune system than 90% Alternative Health Practitioners can initially provide. While many alternative practitioners can make these promises, how can you know exactly where you are and where you are heading?  The study of human blood goes back to the 1600’s, and, living blood is “a map… of where you are now, and, where you are heading”.

Isn’t your current health situation basically about curiosity and where to go to have it resolved?  What about the awesome ability to see your blood cells and blood plasma (revealing many microorganisms) uncovering right before your eyes?  What about your commitment to create health along with your personal and passionate desire to enhance it?  Who, in this world today as we know it, can truly not be interested in achieving it without prescription drugs that only manipulate our immune system creating dangerous side-effects? Yes, it can be difficult and challenging only if you allow it to be.  However, without these goals one cannot achieve true health. That is why my passion and goal is; to assist you in your health journey, always be available and accessible, help you to understand how simple it is to reverse illnesses from the common cold to something more serious that many medical doctors can miss through simple Standard Blood Tests. In essence, your health status can take a trip from one place to another; illness to wellness - naturally. And, poor health can happen more suddenly that most people realize. Right now, you hold in your hand the very key to health by uncovering this awesome and beautiful mystery of what blood cells reveal… providing you with nothing less than your own Nutritional Epiphany.


Andrea McCreery, CMAT, CNC, PhD