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Message From the President

Andrea McCreeryOver 200,000,000 (2 million) American men, women and children suffer from some form of chronic illness and nearly 75% of all hospital intakes are the result of a chronic affliction that could have been prevented. Chronic illness is symptomatic of the epidemic of ageing and is irrespective of age. Many suffer with depression, migraines, cancer, hearing loss, blindness, pain, lupus, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, spinal problems, crippling arthritis, and the list could go on. They say 1 in every 2 people suffer with some kind of invisible illness. Look around you. Around half of the people today are suffering with at least one invisible illness. What makes them invisible is that the individual does not use a wheelchair, cane, or any other assistive devices to get by with their daily lives, but they still have a disability that limits the quality of their lives and how much they can do.

I became deeply interested in the process of aging, chronic illness and pain due, in part, to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/CFIDS) and Fibromyalgia of my children and the pre-mature death and disease of my parents. At the time, very few researchers suspected the role of nutrition in the process of aging and disease. Yet today, the role of chemicals, diet, emotions and radiation are recognized as primary cause of chronic disease.

While we cannot eliminate these factors completely from our lives, we can and must do something to limit the effects of these sources. Overwhelming evidence points to the fact that human life can be increased from 100 - 120 quality years. Until now, age reversing protocols and natural regimens were exclusively available only to the wealthy and often required frequent visits to exclusive European spas.

Many of our clients become "hooked on feeling good" and we want you and your loved ones to experience what it is like to live without pain and illness. The best medicine is still prevention and the best healer is still the human body. Our clients enjoy Life Sources® products and I can personally guarantee you will find no less expensive, convenient or effective FDA approved supplements anywhere! Most of our products would cost 2-3 times our prices even if you could find them in retail stores.

All Life Sources® Inc. products have received the highest rating in the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program. All supplements are tested to insure proper dissolution and absorption. You can rest assured that Life Sources’ proprietary supplements will not end up in your urine and what you see on the label is definitely in the bottle!



President/Founder since 1999