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“Observing our blood under the microscope is the equivalent to the discovery of the Rosetta Stone. In viewing this beautiful substance we are able to decode and evaluate many hidden messages and factors in which it contains.”

Are you looking for a way to track your health progress? Do you suffer from symptoms that are vague and inconsistent, ones that stump the doctors you consult?

The usual way to track your health is with medical tests, such as a chemistry screen, RBC test, hormonal tests, EKG, EEG, blood pressure and heart rate. But when these standard tests don't give you solutions for why you still don't feel better, you must turn to other methods. One method that gives you a good look of what is happening in your body right now is Vital Hematology.

Vital Hematology is the art and science of studying the fluid of life that is essential to every moment of your existence – your blood!

"We use a special type of microscope called a Phase Contrast Microscope that magnifies the blood 1500x to examine a tiny drop of your blood. With modern technology and high resolution optics with three-dimensional video imaging, the observation of living blood is more accessible and accurate than ever before," says Andrea McCreery, PhD., who is President and Founder of Life Sources, Inc. since 1999 located at 5006 Sunrise Boulevard, Suite 101 in Fair Oaks.

When you're a client at Life Sources, you may just feel like the Founder of Microscopy, Anthony Leeuwenhoek in the 1600s who polished his glass lenses for the microscope until they reached a magnification of 270x. Peering into the microscope at a drop of water, he found bacteria, fungi, and viruses swimming around – things no man had ever seen before! He jumped for joy and was totally amazed!

Since Andrea's microscope is attached to a large video screen, you will see red and white blood cells, (i.e., your immune system at work) not just any cells, but yours. The view is precious – and it unlocks the hidden universe of what's happening inside your body. She will explain what a healthy red blood cell looks like, and show you examples of what the cells look like if they're damaged from free radicals or under microbial attack. You'll see what happens to red blood cells when your body is under stress, and how they look when you're calm and collected.

Your blood is your life-giving substance. It flows through every portion of your body, caressing, touching, nourishing, healing and oxygenates every vital organ essential to your survival. Healthy blood flows fruitfully and effortlessly through every vein and artery.

However, in today's present environment, we have become nutritionally deficient due to:

  • Depleted nutrients in the soil, GMO foods and pesticides
  • Drug resistant bacteria, parasites and viruses
  • Junk foods – fast foods
  • Epidemic levels of disease due to modern living; environmental factors and stress

During the analysis of your blood, you'll search for "the stealth pathogen", a microbe that has been linked to Diabetes, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue, Colitis, Multiple Sclerosis, Crohn's Disease and a host of other autoimmune illnesses. You won't actually see the stealth pathogen, but, rather the markers or "footprints". These markers won't be on the microscope slide if you're healthy. If Andrea and you find markers for the stealth pathogen in your blood, there's a solution. "Using Vital Hematology is a wonderful tool for Targeted Nutritional Intervention™. It is a useful tool to help those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. What we find under the microscope supports whether the dietary supplements being taken are actually sustaining your immune system. If your blood shows free radical damage for instance, we know you'll need better antioxidants than what you're taking right now."

There are times when Andrea recommends detoxification methods as well as dietary and lifestyle changes. "You wouldn't buy a brand new home and put in the same old dirty furniture. It's the same thing when it comes to your health. The old saying goes, "garbage in... garbage stored in the tissues". She continues, "In most cases, it is wise to know more about what type of a detoxification program fits your body's needs as well as what supplementation is paramount for your particular metabolic type. This can be accomplished from one tiny drop of blood."

There are supplements that definitely can exacerbate illnesses such as taking what a well-meaning friend might recommend as not all supplements are created equal nor for everyone. Some people can lose interest in approaching health from the natural standpoint due to poor information.

According to Dr. Andrea, taking the right supplements means the difference between having the best health you could possibly have and walking around thinking you're okay, but without the passion for life. "The same passion that arises when they see that new universe under the microscope can be captured and extended to how one feels about everyday life, just from changing a few things in one's life – dietary changes, supplementation, plenty of rest and exercise."

"You wouldn't go to the mall and buy all new clothes that were two sizes too small. It's the same thing with supplements. I want to make sure you're taking the ones that your body needs, and we can monitor the progress with vital hematology," she said.

A native of Sacramento, Andrea first took a more serious approach to health when her father suffered from severe dementia eventually passing away from several strokes, and her husband was misdiagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Her two sons soon thereafter began suffering with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, at a time when it was being coined as "The Yuppie Flu."

She set out on a passionate health-quest, studying nutrition and microscopy. She has been educating hundreds of clients since and that the insidious Mycoplasma (stealth pathogen) creates minute bacterial forms or "cell wall deficient bacteria" which invade the immune system's scavenger cells called the T-Lymphocytes and Neutrophils; that this is a very real disease.

"I've been a part of a 20+ year movement to expose people to new ideas utilizing the microscope hoping to motivate those others suffering with vague and inconsistent symptoms which can be reversed. It's a simple answer to give a drug for symptoms someone experiences, and often that answer comes with an affliction. You have colitis, or you have (fill in the blanks). The real solution, though, comes when we investigate and really try to find what's causing the health problem," she said.

Nutritional microscopy is simply like peeling an onion! Examining the blood will uncover all kinds of clues to your health. You'll receive a nutritional protocol including supplementation in most cases that are recommended for the next 30 days and then peer into the microscope once again. What is found determines the next step.

The body produces enough red blood cells to last 120 days, so it's important to stay on a program long enough to do some good. "Any nutritional program takes a little bit of time and a lot of commitment. As opposed to pharmaceuticals, there is no such thing as a magic bullet in Alternative Medicine. One must get to the cellular level and examine what can be seen from the looking glass."

As Sherlock Holmes put it so eloquently, "You are looking....but, not observing."

"The payoff is great," Andrea continued. "Observing the red and white blood cells becoming alive again and healthier each month is nothing short of a miracle!"

If you are "sick and tired of being sick and tired", call Life Sources, Inc. at 916-536-9930. You'll be glad you did.