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Improving Thyroid Health

When you take a close look at the health problems that have started to skyrocket in this country, an under productive thyroid gland shows up as a common denominator in a surprising number of them. Based on the research I've observed and conducted over the past decade, there are four primary reasons for the growing number of people with an unbalanced thyroid: selenium, iodine (kelp) and zinc deficiencies plus estrogen-like compounds of pollution. (See Life Sources’ booklet on Nature’s Balance Progesterone Crêam for balancing hormones at our web site.)

Is it really just a thyroid problem?

In addition to hormonal imbalance, other conditions often cause or contribute to the thyroid. This is why it is so important to look at the body as a set of interconnected systems, rather than isolating the thyroid as a single entity.

Thyroid problems are more common in women than in men and usually involve either over activity or under activity of the gland. Although there is some overlap, the symptoms of one disorder present almost a mirror image of the other. The usual causes of thyroid problems are an infection, (bacterial or yeast – i.e., Leaky Gut Syndrome) an autoimmune disorder, hormonal imbalance, tumor and exposure to high levels of ionizing radiation. (Always be sure you are properly "draped" for any type of X-ray – especially, during a dental x-ray making certain your thyroid gland is covered!)

There are so many symptoms of adrenal fatigue that are similar to thyroid disorders that this often leads to confusion in distinguishing between the two. There is speculation that adrenal stress impairs thyroid function because it causes overproduction of cortisol, blocking the efficient conversion and peripheral cellular use of the thyroid hormones at many levels. It is difficult to find data on this, but can be observed from viewing the blood, especially, those who return for their monthly appointments for up to 4 months. If blood cells continue to be "chained-up or coined" (Rouleau) there is more than a possibility that the client is under constant stress, thus, high cortisol levels are apparent. Therefore, it would be advisable to have a saliva test done for adrenal function in combination with hormonal and thyroid testing.

Eat Selenium-rich Foods

If selenium deficiency is a major factor in low thyroid function, you should regularly include selenium-rich foods in your diet. The thyroid produces several hormones, and must produce them in a somewhat balanced ratio. Without selenium, this balancing process is hindered. Balancing the selenium with Vitamin E also works as a glutathione builder that is manufactured in the liver; a powerful antioxidant plus our OPC-165’s to increase the ability of the immune system to fight off infection and, enhance the red blood cells’ integrity from free-radical damage which is another precursor to declining health and, without these antioxidants taken daily we are asking for serious problems.

Good sources of selenium in your diet to include in moderation: wheat germ, eggs, sunflower and sesame seeds, Brazil nuts, mushrooms, garlic, onions, and kelp.

Supplement with Iodine

The most effective way to maintain thyroid gland function is to supply it with the proper iodine levels necessary for an increase in hormone production. Iodine is essential for the thyroid gland's production of the hormone thyroxin, which the thyroid uses to regulate numerous functions—most importantly metabolism.

Note: Under no circumstances should you ingest antiseptic or topical iodine. Iodine food supplements are widely available. Begin supplementing in the smallest doses recommended on label, then, increase "carefully" as time and your health permits. Never over-due any of these supplements in the beginning. Taking them in the smallest dosages is a good rule of thumb. And, keep in close contact with your physician when in doubt. If you prefer a saliva test, please let me know and, I can offer information for obtaining a saliva test kit.

Avoiding Iodine-Blocking Foods

Certain foods have a tendency to lower thyroid function and need to be avoided by people with under active thyroids: soy (including tofu and soymilk), and raw forms of the following vegetables: turnips, mustard greens, broccoli, cabbage, rutabaga, Brussel sprouts, bok choy, cress, cauliflower, kale, and kohlrabi. Cooking these vegetables deactivates the iodine-blocking agent instead. In place of using soy-milk, consider using Rice Milk instead. Soy can also increase estrogen – and, there’s enough of that in the foods we eat creating weight gain!

Supplement with Zinc, Micronutrients and Antioxidants

A common mineral that improves thyroid health in middle-aged and elderly men and women is zinc. Adequate levels are required for proper thyroid hormone metabolism. As we age, both thyroid problems and zinc deficiencies become more common. Prostate health is also enhanced along with adding the herb, Saw Palmetto.

Recommended dosages generally range from 30 — 50 mg of zinc (elemental) per day. Keep in mind that it may take months for oral zinc supplementation to affect a chronic thyroid problem especially, with a compromised immune system.

Finally, a good Multivitamin as in our Daily Health® Formula includes proper levels of important amino acids, 8 digestive enzymes, and minerals such as selenium (8.3 mcg per capsule) and zinc (6.7 mg) plus vitamins. In other words, if you are taking 2 of these before each meal, yet, wish to supplement with additional Selenium, 100 mcg in addition is safe, along with a 50 mg Zinc daily. There is no other formula that contains such a unique blend of vitamins, amino acids and enzymes suited for anyone on blood medication, thyroid problems, Candida or parasite problems.

Why Anti-inflammatory Enzymes plus Antioxidants?

An anti-inflammatory enzyme formula, Immuzyme®, would be considered an absolute must for addressing the inflammation within tissues of the body, (resulting from autoimmune disease(s) creating inflammation), and would be the broadest spectrum of ingredients that addresses inflammation within every organ of the body. Life Sources’ Immuzyme® supports not only autoimmune disorders, the Leaky Gut Syndrome, low pH (below 6.8) – 7.3 is considered perfect) as a result from acid forming foods and aids in higher energy levels. Immuzyme® also addresses high cortisol levels (a result from too much stress) oxygenates the blood, reduces pain from Fibromyalgia, MS, CFS/CFIDS, and many others, resets the ATP cycle {the energy cycle of the body} and helps to enhance energy throughout the day while enhancing a good night’s sleep. The addition of this supplement to support a thyroid deficiency reduces inflammation {for all organs}, creates a natural relaxing feeling, and heals tissue from T-Lymphocytes which have been activated due to "foreign invaders" creating the inflammatory response due to an over-active immune response.

Reduce Your Exposure to Estrogen-like Compounds

Xenoestrogens make their way into the body through respiration, ingestion of contaminated food, and skin contact. Once in the body, they block thyroid hormone production and contribute to low thyroid function.

I recommend using organic cleansers, pesticides and other household products. And make the switch once and for all to purified, magnetized water!

Increase Your Memory!

While many woman and men experience "brain-fog" along with many health conditions including thyroid problems, they exhibit other hidden immune disturbances; digestive disorders from The Leaky Gut Syndrome which include; Colitis, Irritable Bowel, bloating, flatulence, constipation, parasites, lower abdominal pain/discomfort including back pain just to name a few. The following supplements will also support the entire immune system in assisting the body’s reduction of inflammation; Zinc, OPC-165™, Immuzyme®, Daily Health® Formula and Squalamine (an Omega 3 found from Shark Liver Oil from the pristine waters of Norway) are wonderful minerals, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory enzymes to heal tissue inside and out. Remember that it takes a bit of a challenge including patience to get your body back to a balanced state of health. Diet plays a huge roll in this journey back to feeling "like yourself again". (Look for the Leaky Gut Syndrome booklet on Life Sources’ web site found under the category, "booklets" for complete information.) Also, be sure and read why OPC-165™ are tremendous memory enhancers by reading the booklet also found on the web site, or, call us and we’ll be happy to mail one to you.

To Your Good Health!

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