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Can You Empower Yourself Against the Threat of Cancer?

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A frightening 1,596,670 Americans were diagnosed in 2011 with abnormal, DNA-damaged cells proliferating in their bodies—cancer. Half of all men and one-third of all women in the United States will experience cancer in their lifetimes.

While some causes of cancer such as genetic predispositions cannot be controlled, lifestyle factors, which include alcohol consumption, tobacco, diet, physical inactivity, and certain types of infections and environmental exposures to different chemicals and radiation, can be. Cancer normally takes a series of exposures, mutations and/or accidents to be activated. Unfortunately, about two-thirds of the causes of cancer that we have control over are not receiving enough attention.

The question we must ask ourselves is, "What can we do today that will minimize our chances of getting cancer down the road?"

According to Andrea McCreery, PhD, president and founder of Life Sources® Inc., assessing what your body needs to avoid diseases such as cancer and ensure long-term health begins by observing the blood. Both a nutritionist and an expert in the field of vital hematology, Andrea uses a high-powered binocular microscope to observe real-time living blood samples to understand how individuals' dietary and lifestyle habits may be influencing their health, contributing to their chances of one day getting cancer. "What we need nutritionally is dictated by our age, gender, genetics, diet, exercise and stress levels. Each person's health needs are different and constantly changing throughout our lives," Andrea explains. While individual protocols for clients vary to some degree, she emphasizes detoxification, chelation (the removal of heavy metals), lifestyle and dietary changes that include daily juicing alongside consistent use of her remarkable enzyme supplement called Immuzyme® and a triple-antioxidant supplement, OPC-165®. Supporting optimal cellular health is your best chance to fight off autoimmune disorders such as cancer.

Preventive Protocol

At its very core, Andrea's protocol is designed to support your cellular health and immune system. It reverses the oxidative stress, or what she calls the "rusting and rotting" of blood cells, that is often observed in her clients' live blood samples. "I see signs of oxidative stress in at least 95 percent of my clients' blood samples, and sadly, this can be a precursor to cancer," Andrea explains. Nevertheless, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Andrea commonly finds excessive amounts of yeast and pleomorphic bacteria, as well as heavy-metal toxicity and parasites! These are all markers of an overwhelmed and undernourished immune system.

Luckily, Andrea's protocol supports optimal function of the immune system, which in turn strengthens the body's ability to maintain healthy cellular function. With the proper nutrition and the assistance of Immuzyme and the powerful triple antioxidant OPC-165, all geared toward supporting cellular health and optimal immune function, Andrea's clients experience phenomenal gains in overall health. "It's all about teaching the body to increase its metabolism to stave off disease and begin to heal and neutralize the damage caused by the lack of proper balance within the major organs of the body, along with addressing the damaged red blood cells by neutralizing the free radicals," Andrea says.

The Cellular-health-Enhancing Benefits of Immuzyme

Thanks to the pioneering work of medical researchers like Dr. Edward Howell, enzymes are now finally beginning to be recognized as the premier element to human health and well-being. Immuzyme has been coined by Life Sources' clients as "the intelligent capsule." A synergistic blend of plant, food, minerals and anti-inflammatory enzymes that aid in the body's requirements to sustain healthy cells by breaking down fats, sugars and proteins aiding the healing process from inflammation of the tissues from autoimmune diseases. Clients who take Immuzyme report a general feeling of well-being. Immuzyme's calcium, magnesium, manganese and dimethylglicine (DMG) have a calming, relaxing effect. Clients find this extremely helpful when discomfort is part of their illness. They also sleep more soundly. In terms of protecting the body against cancer (and as a complementary therapy to chemotherapy), enzymes such as the ones in the Immuzyme formula have been shown to inhibit metastasis, increase the immunogenicity of tumor cells, expose the antigenic structures of tumor cells, reduce fibrin-dependent cancer-cell stickiness, and improve response to chemotherapy. In a 2000 clinical study, 51 patients receiving chemotherapy were split into two groups. One received only chemotherapy; the other received both chemotherapy and a proteolytic enzyme formula mirroring that of Life Sources' Immuzyme. Those receiving the proteolytic enzyme preparation reported fewer adverse effects from tumor-specific treatment. And in a follow-up study, those taking enzymes saw a mean survival rate of 20 months longer than those not taking an enzyme regimen.

Enzymes are critical to cellular health as they are the body's nutritional delivery system. Without them in sufficient quantities, nutrients simply cannot be effectively delivered where needed in the human body. Enzyme-rich Immuzyme supports the immune system's own healing capabilities where cancer is a threat or a condition.

Sugar-loving Cancer

One of the most important aspects involved in cancer is that cancer cells love sugar. Otto Warburg discovered back in the 1950s that cancer has only one prime cause: the replacement of normal oxygen respiration of the body's cells by anaerobic (i.e., oxygen-deficient) cell respiration. This means that cancer metabolizes much differently from normal cells. Cancer cells despise oxygen and feed off of, you guessed it, sugar! Knowing this, how do we maintain our healthy cells? Immuzyme can be very helpful. Cellular metabolism plays a more important role in protecting against cancer than most realize. Immuzyme acts as a catalyst for cells to metabolize, detoxify, chelate and orchestrate the much-needed uptake of oxygen. Many so-called experts tout that vegetables and fruits alone will support your immune system. However, nothing can work by itself; we need the combination of good, nutritious foods and the metabolic "soldiers" we call Immuzyme.

When Immuzyme is taken in conjunction with the triple antioxidant formula OPC-165, cancer has an uphill battle.

OPC-165 Reinforcement

When you take the power of Immuzyme and combine it with the antioxidant charge of OPC-165, you get a unique combination of enzymes, minerals and antioxidants that facilitate the uptake of oxygen and the elimination of toxins that bring your body back into balance naturally. Life Sources' OPC-165 has long been recognized as the most potent combination of pine bark extract, grape seed extract and quercetin available anywhere. Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPCs) have been proven to help protect against cancer by as much as 50 percent by boosting the body's first line of defense, natural killer cells. Alongside this phenomenon, OPCs have been found to regulate nitrous oxide, a free radical produced as a byproduct in cell respiration. When overproduced, nitrous oxide can cause chronic, damaging inflammation, believed to be the root cause in a number of cancers. A 2008 study conducted by the University of Colorado, Denver, and published in 2011 found that grape seed extract demonstrated strong anti-cancer properties. This is believed to be due to its high level of antioxidants. Grape seed extract is one of the main ingredients in Life Sources' OPC-165.

Ensuring Long-term Cellular Health

Proper nutrition, enzyme support from Immuzyme and triple antioxidant protection from OPC-165 are the foundation of Andrea's preventive protocol. They are completely safe and natural and support the body's own immune and protective defenses. Andrea explains, "There is a monumental difference between treating symptoms with prescription drugs and sustaining health naturally. It cannot be argued that our body maintains health through nutrition, not through chemicals, which manipulate our bodies systems. True health care requires that an individual become proactive in one's own health management. We seek to nourish the body and provide it with the essential tools it needs in order to properly repair and defend itself from the world of cancer." Why not do all you can to support your health at the cellular level? A healthy diet combined with a powerful enzymatic formula like Immuzyme and the antioxidant formula OPC-165 are actions you can take to ensure healthy cellular function.


Give your body what it needs to protect and defend you from the harsh world by making Immuzyme® part of your daily health protocol. As a special offer, Life Sources is giving you a 60-day, no-risk, money-back guarantee as well as a complimentary probiotic supplement when you purchase the Preventive Protocol combination of Immuzyme and OPC-165. Please visit www.life-sources.com/ healthyliving for helpful hints and powerful testimonies.

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