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Enzymes or Pain Killers

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"WEEKEND WARRIORS, recreational athletes and people with arthritis or chronic back pain share a common connection with professional athletes like Berry Bonds. They are in constant pain, and too many people are using over-the-counter pain relievers," says Andrea McCreery, Ph.D. Long-term use of anti-inflammatory pain relievers such as Ibuprofen, Advil and Naproxen to name a few, may put people at an increased risk for kidney problems, as well as other disorders."
McCreery is one of many professionals who have warned against the continuous use of these medications to kill pain. "They're dangerous, and not just for the professional athlete. Avid recreational endurance athletes who pop several over-the-counter pain relievers before or during an event such as a marathon or other activity where fluid and electrolyte levels are likely to drop significantly also should be a concern," says McCreery. "That's because those pain relievers reduce the production of prostaglandins, hormone-like substances found throughout the body that are integral to the process of inflammation and pain. In the kidneys, prostaglandins help maintain proper blood flow, especially in episodic, fluid-depleting situations, such as running or working in the Valley heat for a long time. When fluid levels drop substantially, blood flow to the kidneys may be reduced, causing tissue damage that can be permanent."

Prostaglandins also maintain the mucosal lining of the stomach and intes-tines. This is why so many over-the-counter pain killer users develop gastrointestinal ulcers and bleeding. While most experts agree that healthy people who take painkillers have little to worry about, long term use exceeding dosage twice a week for an extended amount of time can significantly increase the risk for dangerous side effects.

Most of these products work by inhibiting the body's production of pain and inflammation-creating prostaglandins. These are responsible for many kinds ofinflammatory conditions. Whether we strain a muscle or suffer from arthritis, if soft tissues are inflamed, blame prostaglandins and their cousins collectively known as circulating immune complexes. That they interfere with prostaglandin production might sound like a good thing. But we also need prostaglandins. They are not all bad. Fortunately enzyme formulas like Immuzyme® are able to relieve pain without upsetting our healthy production of prostaglandins.

Sport trainers and nutritionists have noted that enzymes also improve overall circulation and aided endurance. Enzyme supplementation's ability to eataway excess fibrin is extremely beneficial to athletes, notes one trainer who has used them extensively in his practice. "Many health conscious consumers know that overproduction of fibrin in the blood vessels forms the framework that builds into atherosclerotic plaque. But fibrin necrotic debris in the blood can end up blocking blood flow so tissues suffer or even die from lack of blood and oxygen. Immuzyme® dissolves this kind of debris and improves blood flow throughout the body."

"Enzymes play an important role in healing injuries and relieving pain by mediating the inflammatory process," adds Dr. McCreery. Remember thatwhen blood thickens as a result of dehydration or certain popular diets, this adds to the stress of the organs.

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