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Emphysema is rapidly becoming an American epidemic. While cigarette smoking is a major cause, the use of such substances as canola oil, ozone exposure, nitrous oxide, sulfur dioxide, car exhaust, dust and radioactive fallout are also implicated.

Emphysema is basically a hardening of lung tissue. The air to capillary sacs break and inflate losing their elasticity. This loss of elasticity can also be caused by free radical damage which causes cellular damage through a process called cross-linking. The damage results in the inability of emphysema sufferers to exhale carbon dioxide and leads to chronic wheezing, bronchitis mucous and eventually death.

Emphysema sufferers should consider taking up to 16,000 units of vitamin E, octocosanol, 50,000 units of vitamin A and B-complex as well as a strong enzymatically driven formula such as the Life Sources’ Daily Health® Formula. The mucous can be thinned with garlic and/or cayenne pepper capsules available in health food stores. Additionally, we recommend a free form amino acid complex like Life Sources’ Forever Young be considered to repair damaged tissue. 500-mg daily each of L-cysteine and L-methionine should be added.

To help relieve labored breathing, chlorophyll is also suggested.

Naturally, cigarette smoke and all damaging environmental circumstances should be avoided.

Because emphysema can also indicate liver problems, a liver support should also be taken into account. Some Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM) practitioners use intravenous hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) as a method of healing emphysema. For information on these practitioners, we will be glad to forward names and locales to patients who write. Simply forward your name, city and state. We will forward the name of a local CAM practitioner who may offer help.