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Blood Slides

fig 1. Healthy red blood cells

fig 2. Bacteria - Staphylococcus

fig 3. Target cells, Echinocytes, Acanthocytes and Codocytes

fig 4. Rouleau

fig 5. Neutrophil within yeast colony, Spherocytes

fig 6. Toxicity - industrial city; carcinogens

fig 7. Low pH, (pleomorphic) yeast colony, compromised immune system

fig 8. Uric acid crystal

fig 9. Varying types of WBCs

fig 10. CWD bacterial formation

fig 11. Parasite (Trematode) in DIC

fig 12. Atherosclerotic plaque

fig 13.

fig 14. Fibrous Thallus (pleomorphic)

fig 15. CWD formations (pleomorphic) - Mycoplasma "markers"

fig 16. Unhealthy WBC, Acanthocytes

fig 17. Plaque and bacterial formation

fig 18. Acidic terrain, (pleomorphic) Oocytes and Yeast/fungal form colony

fig 19. Parasite in DIC

fig 20.

fig 21. Free radical damaged RBCs; Echinocytes and Acanthocytes; B-12 deficiency