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At Last ­ Nutritional Epiphany!

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DOES YOUR DRIVER'S LICENSE say you are years younger than you feel?
Do you feel frustrated and bewildered walking through endless isles of the health food store searching to add new multi-vitamins or herbal supplementation to your diet?You would not buy clothes without first trying them on, so why take vitamins and supplements without first finding out if they "fit" your body's requirements? Do you wish there was an easier way to recognize your body's individualized needs? The answer is yes!

We at Life Sources, Inc. will guide you on a new and enlightened path to nutritional awareness. According to Dr. Andrea McCreery, the Founder and Head Researcher of Life Sources, "Each person's health needs are as different as we ourselves are individually. What we need nutritionally is fundamentally based upon our age, gender, genetics, diet, exercise and stress levels, which change constantly throughout our lives. In order to determine our client's nutritional needs, we need to closely examine the one essential life giving substance that touches and carries oxygen and nutrients to every single portion in our bodies­our blood!"

Utilizing the remarkable technique of live blood microscopy, Dr. McCreery is able to examine a single drop of blood taken painlessly from the client's finger. Both the client and Dr. McCreery can view the essential and spectacular fluid of life on a monitor right before their eyes in real time! Clients are even provided their own VHS tape of their journey to take home and share with friends and family.

Your blood is the Rosetta Stone to our body. It reveals the mystery of many nutritional misconceptions. Our blood shows potential risk factors and deficiencies that are not evident unless revealed under a microscope. These risk factors include stress, infection, oxygen uptake, free radical damage, immune system activity, allergies and precursors to chronic illnesses.

Dr. McCreery, viewing these ever-changing variables in our bodies then recommends a nutritional and supplemental protocol targeted specifically toward your body's special and vital nutritional needs.

It is our goal at Life Sources, Inc. to educate and inspire our clients. We will take you, the client, by the hand down the enlightened path to nutritional awareness. Knowledge is the key to unlocking your body's true potential! With Targeted Nutritional Intervention, not only can we add years to your life ­ we will add life to your years!

For more information, call the Life Sources clinic at (916) 536-9930