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Amino Acids

Amino acids are literally the building blocks of proteins. There are about 26 amino acids in the body of which 8 cannot be manufactured from within. These amino acids are referred to as essential and non-essential. The non-essential amino acids are those we can synthesize in the body and the essential are those that we must get from the foods we eat.

Since amino acids are the cellular building blocks of life, deficiencies in any can cause enzyme depletion, memory loss, wrinkles, increase the effects of free radical damage, inhibit immune function and other afflictions of the aging process. Increasing research indicates certain extreme amino acid deficiencies (L-phenylalanine, for example) are indicated in individuals with chemical dependencies like alcoholism.

Specific amino acids like methionine and cysteine are important factors in any anti-aging protocol since the quantity of these amino acids are found in decreasing amounts as we age. Supplementation with these amino acids helps the body's immune system remain strong by increasing the glutathione levels. Glutathione is a powerful free radical scavenger and in studies, the life span of laboratory animals was significantly increased by the supplementation of methionine and cysteine.

The ability of the body to repair itself and fend off invaders is directly related to the quantity of amino acids in our system. One aspect of aging is that our body's internal environment is conducive to disease since the delicate balance (or homeostasis) is no longer in optimum condition. Along with enzyme depletion, free radicals play an important part of the aging process.

A classic battle of theories in the late 1800's was between Louis Pasteur and Antoine Bechamp. Pasteur, of course, theorized that opportunistic viruses attack the system from without. Bechamp believed that disease was a product of an imbalance in the homeostasis of the body. As we know, Pasteur eventually won out and Bechamp's name was relegated to obscurity. But, on his death bed, Pasteur is said to have remarked, "Bechamp was right. It is the ground and not the seed." Getting the internal environment "right" at a cellular level is the basis for the Life Sources protocol for anti-aging.

The cornerstone of the Life Sources "system" consists of amino acid supplementation via Forever Young. It is an amino acid "stack" of 23 amino acids and should be considered with the Daily Health Formula and OPC's in any anti-aging protocol. Daily supplementation will help your body maintain the proper life balance and ability to fight off disease and chronic conditions associated with aging.