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Alopecia - Causes and Reversing Hair Loss

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There may be one or multiple factors leading to hair loss, which may be summarized as follows;

  • Local Factors
  • General Factors
  • Psychological factors
  • Liver -Toxins

1. Local factors:

Some of the local factors or conditions associated with hair loss are:

(a) Leaky Gut Syndrome:

Certain local skin ailments are known to lead to hair loss. Local skin infections such as overgrowth of C-albicans which include; fungal forms, metal toxicity, mycoplasma infections or, what we refer to as "vague and inconsistent symptoms" are at the root cause for all chronic illness known as autoimmune disorders.  Autoimmune disorders known as mycoplasmas or  ""Cell Wall Deficient Forms"" - the ""Stealth Pathogens"", are the underlying cause(s) of a myriad of conditions including; eczema, psoriasis, fogging brain, memory loss, lethargy, forgetfulness, ADD/ADHD, Chlymadia, Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, MS, Lupus, ALS, Lyme Disease, Diverticulitis, Crohn's Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Gastritis, Colitis, athletes foot, chronic yeast infections, ""jock itch"", yellowing toe nails and/or fingernails, itchy scalp (see parasite booklet) onset of peculiar vision symptoms, bad breath, all digestive disorders and more are ‘all' contributory factors to any ‘vague and inconsistent' condition usually missed by conventional medicine.

(b) Local exposure to toxins:

Overuse or abuse with chemical based shampoos, soaps, lotions can be one factor in hair loss.

(c) Scalp carelessness:

Unhygienic measures in scalp care may lead to air loss. For instance, infrequent head wash, over exposure to harsh sun without protection, exposing the head to industrial fumes.

2. General factors:

(a) Deficient Nutrition:

Overall deficiency of nutrition may affect the growth and quality of hair. Deficiency of certain vitamin B's, vitamin A, may also lead to hair loss (or too much vitamin A as well). The deficiency in proteins, iron, especially minerals, may affect hair loss including short to long term alopecia. Iron deficiency in most cases is due to an overabundance candidiasis/fungal forms.  B-12 while important to our health, can be chelated (pulled out) from the red blood cells due to certain microorganisms feeding on this vitamin. In short, spherocytosis results and can lead to hemolytic anemia. Other symptoms can include excessive bleeding (if client is taking Warfarin or Coumidin) - these are dangerous blood thinners- (rat poison). This is another contributory factor in loss of iron - leading to anemia. One must be under the care of a nutritionist with knowledge in these potentially dangerous drugs. These drugs (chemicals) result in potential mal-assimilation or a mal-absorption syndrome. It may occur following any prolonged acute or sub-acute disease such as cystitis, colitis, chronic acid reflux, Irritable Bowel Syndrome; the list goes on! These digestive disorders are all linked to pleomorphic bacteria, or better known as Mycoplasma Infections plus the overgrowth of C-albicans and fungal forms. (Refer to Life Sources, Inc. "Leaky Gut Syndrome" booklet in how the necessity to eradicate these health conditions as to their ability to contribute to a very long list of "vague and inconsistent symptoms".)

These pathogens are conditions mainstream medicine usually do not give much, if any attention to, yet, are usually the result of over-use of pharmaceuticals, leading to chemical sensitivities resulting from heavy metal toxicity (can be job related as working in a lab in which one handles chemicals without wearing proper laboratory attire) and, the over-use of antibiotics.

(b) Hormonal variations:

Certain hormones including androgen, estrogen and in most cases the lack of progesterone causes variations during different phases in life may contribute to excessive hair loss. (See the Booklet on the necessity for progesterone, like Nature's Balance Progesterno Creme!) Thyroid hormones form another important group of disorders responsible for hair loss in some cases. Post-partum depression and child-birth is another example due to the loss of progesterone. *This a huge factor most women only blame on depression alone due to the realization this ""little bundle of joy"" has now added ‘good stress' along with the word, "Stress"!

(c) Post-acute-ailment:

Certain "acute" diseases result in a Compromised Immune System and may result in the loss of hair.  Again, this cannot be overstated; Overgrowth of Candida, or C-albicans, fungus, metal toxicity and bacterial forms can either all by themselves or all together (usually this is the case) set one up for the inability of the immune system to function normally creating the mal-absorption of the body's ability to function. A total depletion of minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and hormones results in hair loss.
As an aside, the loss or thinning of eyelashes and pubic hair can be a ‘subtle' hair loss condition as well and points in the direction of hormonal imbalance.

(d) Medicine and Drug induced:

Certain chemicals and medicines (prescription drugs) have known toxicity on the hair roots and growth. Long term use of chemotherapy, cancer medication, steroids, antibiotics, antiepileptic, antihypertensive medications to name a few, have been observed to produce hair loss in some patients. Don't forget to include the use of the birth control pill which creates "Estrogen Dominance" and, throws of the delicate balance of testosterone, and progesterone again, contributing to the loss of hair.

3. Psychological factors:

The mind plays a vital role in maintaining the health in general developing a wide range of disorders.

Some of the examples of emotional stress may be summarized in brief as follows;

(a).  Intense anxiety about any important matter.

Sadness or depression in one's life, which may be arising from marital disharmony or job dissatisfaction results in tremendous stress that contributes to a dysfunctional social structure.  Grief due to an unexpected event in one's life such as loss of a family member, loss in business, a major set back in life, including a long-standing fear and apprehensive habits. Unhealthy attitudes such as aggressive behavior, violent expressions, hurried and impatient behavior, can be contributing factors.

(b) Emotional stress

Emotional stress is an epidemic condition prevailing in the world today.

Worrying about anything, anyone or just about everything sets us up for the disorder affecting the physiological functioning of every part of our immune system including "hair loss".  Simply, the loss of hair is a ‘sign' that there's something out of balance within the immune system!

In a nutshell, stress resulting in the aforementioned health conditions and personality type may play a larger role than suspected or recognized in the resulting of hair loss, therefore, the major criterion to decide the correct line of treatment for hair loss. 

4. Toxins residing in the liver;

The most common factors include; industrial toxins, intoxicated water (with high levels or minerals and metals), local dermal infection, parasitic infestation and local allergic ailments which is a result of these mentioned plus more.  Talk with your health care professional about detoxifying your liver. Liver toxicity may be the most important reason for this condition, and a liver cleanse would be highly recommended.

Life Sources, Inc recommends the following; should be adjusted accordingly to each individual's needs.

¼ to ½ C George's Aloe Vera Juicemorning and before bed for "sealing up porous portion of colon".

1 Olive Leaf Extract 3x daily (minimum) - liver support and eradication of candida/fungal forms/minute parasites

3 Alpha Factor - 2xs daily  (bovine colostrum) modulates immune system for acute phases. May adjust to limit amout taken according to individual.

5 Immuzyme® 3x daily - Proteolytic (proprietary formula) anti-inflammatory enzymes target all vital organs, including detoxifying metals and repairing damage down to cells, tissues and muscles from the over-active immune response creating inflammation.

2 Daily Health® Enzyme - amino acid formula - 2 taken 10 minutes before each meal.  The best ""all in one"" proprietary formula includes; a multi-vitamin (minus B-12), digestive enzymes, amino acids, and a special blend to restore the liver by boosting the gluthathoine levels.

1 OPC-165 - 3x daily (or more as needed for stress)- 50x stronger than vitamin E, 20x more powerful than vitamin C

1 Probiotic with each meal. Restores the ‘friendly bacteria' in the digestive tract.

Milk thistle - Liver support.  The recommendation is based on manufacturer.  Supports liver, and, must be taken until symptoms subside.

Just An Ounce -  ½ capful -2x daily in Magnetized Water. Replaces missing and extremely important essential minerals daily missing from our diet.

Selenium - 1- 200 mcg "only" daily.  This may well be one of the most important minerals needed for the liver.

1 Squalamine (LSI's from Norway - Omega 3's) - Evening Primrose Oil or Flaxseed Oil.  Important immune support, and, raises your (healthy) HDL's!  Also, helps prevent cancer and fights the homocysteine build up in arteries and capillaries.

We recommend a follow-up appointment at least 3-4 times yearly.

"If you can't see it, it doesn't exist".  Now, who said this?

Or, "your tests came back normal".  There's nothing wrong with you.

Now, who said that?

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