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An allergy is an inappropriate response to the body's immune system to a substance that is not normally harmful. The immune system becomes “activated” to help combat infection. It does this by identifying “foreign invaders” and sends messages to the white cells to identify a nontoxic substance as an invader, and the white blood cells overreact and do more damage to the body than the invader. Therefore, the allergic response becomes a disease in itself.

The substances that provoke allergic responses are called allergens. The most common allergic substance is probably mold. They are microscopic living organisms - among others such as dog dander, cat dander/hair, pollens, etc. Certain foods also trigger the responses which cause the body to react in ways so very uncomfortable such as wheezing, sneezing, watery eyes, dripping nose, etc.

I think most of us have heard that breast fed babies are more likely to have a stronger immune system than those that are not. Since this is a scientific fact, there is a powerful supplement that boosts the immune system, making it fight against so many things, that allergies seem to be minimal in comparison. Being that breast fed babies have 'an edge' to those of us not breast-fed, we can help ourselves by taking Alpha Factor - from New Zealand cows. It's so simple in that it activates the T-cells, therefore, allowing our immune system to work more efficiently.

Also, enzymes as contained in our Daily Health® Formula, along with our specialized combination OPC-165™. These are anti-oxidants which also fight cancer in boosting that loss of energy which is disabling during a horrid bout with an allergic episode. Also, a lot of us do not understand that as inconvenience would have it, a runny nose is also nature's way of detoxifying. However, one can keep that to a minimum by considering Sovereign Silver's fast acting nasal spray!