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Life SourcesĀ®, Inc. Embarks on a Holistic Journey in the Treatment of Autism

Posted on 16th Jun 2011 @ 12:22 PM

Extremely promising are the recent studies that have found several well-characterized enzyme defects associated with pervasive developmental disorders (PPD), such as Autism[1]. Treatment is moving towards holistic and alternative medicines, with proven success.  Unlike many drug therapies, enzymes, vitamin and other supplements are a relatively inexpensive and highly successful option[2].  Autistic children suffer from off the chart enzyme deficiencies, free radical damage, metal toxicity and gut permeability.  However, a 2010 double blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study found a reduction in seizures, increased mental functioning, increased digestion abilities as well as heightened eye contact, improved language function, reduced aggression, and increased interest in the surrounding environment after the patients were put on a vitamin, mineral and enzyme therapy regimen[3]

Life Sources®, Inc.’s proprietary line of anti inflammatory, digestive enzyme formulas and other natural supplements contain all of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes proven to help ease the all consuming affects of Autism. 

Treatment by thiamine, B12, and biotin (all found in Life Sources, Inc.’s Daily Health® and Daily Health Plus Formulas), respectively, have proven remarkably effective in some cases[4] .  Of the vitamin regimens that have undergone controlled studies in the treatment of Autism, the most successful and best studied has been pyridoxine, or B6[5]. Several well-designed studies have shown the beneficial effect of this vitamin; the effect is potentiated and prolonged by co-administration of magnesium[6] both found in Life Sources®, Inc.’s proprietary blends. 

Vitamin B6, or pyridoxine, has not been proven to reverse or completely treat the symptoms of Autism; however, it has been reported to improve social behavior, language and eye contact, as well as reduce aggression.

As well as B6, Calcium in high doses, 1000 mg and above has, in several cases brought about immediate improvement in language, eye contact, and coordination[7]. With products like Immuzyme®, which contains 1000mg of Calcium per serving, Life Sources®, Inc. is able to help further the research and possible treatment of children suffering from Autism and other Pervasive Development Disorders.  A regimen of Life Sources®, Inc.’s proprietary blends could deliver the dosage needed of the crucial vitamins, minerals, and enzymes found to help ease the symptoms of Autism. 

Free Radical Damage is another symptom of Autism plaguing those affected with this Developmental Disorder.  According to UCLA neurologist George Bartzokis, “The Brain is especially vulnerable to damage from free radicals.”   It has been speculated that this increase in free radical damage comes from the lack of glutathione in those suffering from Autism.  Glutathione neutralizes free radicals.  By analyzing blood samples from living blood, similar to the methods used by Andrea McCreery, PhD and Founder of Life Sources®, Inc., researchers at the University of Arkansas determined that levels of this protective antioxidant were abnormally low in many autistic children[8] .  Naturally, boosting the intake of antioxidants decreased seizers and aggression, as well as increased eye contact.  Life Sources' OPC-165® have long been recognized as the most potent combination of Pine Bark Extract, Grape Seed Extract and Quercetin available anywhere[9].  These powerful antioxidants could deliver the relief certain Autistic children need. 

Because glutathione is also crucial for neutralizing toxic heavy metals such as mercury found in food, the air, and at one time, a vaccine preservative called thimerosal, researchers have found exponentially higher levels of heavy metal toxicity in those suffering from Autism[10].  Andrea McCreery has been witnessing this phenomenon by having past patients presenting with both Autism and heavy metal toxicity. Autistic Children placed on a protocol to help them Chelate (or excrete) the metal found in their blood, could see huge improvements in eye contact as well as decreased seizers.   L-Glycine and N-A-C (both found in Life Sources Inc.’s Daily Health® Formula) have been proven in a double blind study to ease irritability, agitation, anxiety and social behavior[11].   

Approximately 40-60% of Autistic individuals are noted to have chronic diarrhea, while 43% show increased intestinal permeability or Leaky Gut Syndrome[12].  The most often cited significance of increased gut permeability is the passage of toxic substances from the gut to the circulatory system[13].  Leaky Gut Syndrome allows bacteria to enter the blood stream, this being of particular significance to Autistic individuals due to the newly discovered link between autistic symptoms and constant underlying bacterial and viral infections.  Once treated for viral and bacterial infections, children show some permanent improvements in language, socialization, behavior, and cognitive ability[14].  Two preliminary investigations using supplements with antiviral properties, such as Argentyn 23, olive leaf extract, vitamin C and high dose Calcium show effectiveness against viruses and bacterial infections[15].

New treatment plans, also known as biomedical approaches, are addressing the digestive disorders and metabolic problems that many practitioners believe literally starve the brains of kids with Autism.  Heavy metal toxicity is now being looked at as an underlying cause to these disorders found in Autistic children.  Treatment is highly individualized due to the array of ages and severity on the Autism spectrum, however, all practitioners use a variation of the same regimen, one which Life Sources® Inc. has been using and perfecting over the years.  Metabolic treatments for autism can be highly effective when they target and correct specific abnormalities[16].  Much is still unknown about the origin of Autism, and many studies are still needed to help us understand the full spectrum of this disorder.  However, these metabolic approaches seem to offer the greatest prospect in treating Autism.

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