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Life Sources Inc’s Immuzyme versus your previous product ReGenesis

Posted on 28th Feb 2011 @ 11:16 AM

Clients and friends of Life Sources, Inc.

Recently I received this e-mail from a client/patient that Life Sources’ came to know during the 1999 through 2001 years of doing blood slides for the prestigious Atkins Complementary Health Center in Manhattan, NYC.  This is what John had to say as follows;

Dear Andrea –

Some years ago, I became a client of yours from the Atkins Center – and, you had been working along with Dr. Patrick Frattelone, M.D. At that time, your product was being recommended for everything my body needed, however, it was called ReGenesis; a natural- simple to take easy capsules to rid the horrible pain my osteoarthritis was causing, most likely from an undiagnosed autoimmune problem caused by a tick bite many years ago. Looking back, no one suspected it was Lyme disease. After a period of time, my medical doctor felt I should be on Vioxx (which, as we know was creating all sorts of side-effects and was ‘covering up the pain’) and, I began to develop other problems as a result. Then, I began to search, after about three years for the name ReGenesis, but, couldn’t find it.

Just recently, after inquiring to a few of my circle of friends I’d known who also had referred me to the Atkins Center, a very unusual thing took place. I happened to find one old friend on Facebook.  That was it – he happens to be one of your older clients, and, knew that your company had changed the name back a few years ago (he guessed around ’03 to 2004) from ReGenesis to the name you now have; Immuzyme®. 

Thanks for continuing what you do to help so many people, and, especially for still having that wonderful product!  I just want to mention that while I was at a loss for the ReGenesis, I was told the product “Wobenzym N” was a good product.  Well, after taking it and trying to come as close to the ingredients within your original product, I can without hesitation tell you it didn’t do much at all for me.  And, I am one of those who look very carefully at ingredients; yours is far superior to anything else out there on the market today. And, it’s worth every penny, believe me. 

I realize that it’s unusual for most people to take the time to e-mail you with this kind of detail, but, just so you know – I am so happy after using your product now for almost three months that I want you to go ahead and use my real name in order that others will read this and know this product is as close to a silver bullet for a natural pain reliever than anything I have ever taken.

Also, I am really feeling a lot of energy since your receptionist took time to explain that your powerful antioxidant – your OPC-165 adds to my energy levels… the two of those products are really the “best double-duo”!


- John McGuire

New York City, New York