Easy Breezy Fettuccini side dish (or make it your low calorie main dish = 500 calories!)  I love to add a grilled piece of organic piece of chicken sliced into strips on the side.


  • Regular Fettuccini or Gluten Free Fettuccine
  • Lots of Fresh Garlic (use according to your love for garlic!)
  • Large Bunch of Fresh Spinach, washed and patted dry
  • Jar of Sun Dried Tomatoes – drained
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil


  • Bring your pot of purified water with added Himalayan Sea Salt to bottom of the pot
  • Add the Fettuccine and continue to stir often keeping the pasta from sticking together (about 8-9 minutes).
  • Drain the pasta
  • In the meantime, have the pressed garlic in a small dish ready to sauté´ in oil along with the spinach
  • Immediately, add the sautéed garlic to pan (saving a little for when you add in the Fettuccini along with more olive oil
  • Stir quickly until the spinach looks almost melted – set aside
  • Add in the Sun Dried Tomatoes along with a little more pressed garlic (you’ll need plenty, as this is what makes the dish so delicious.
  • Once the garlic, spinach and tomatoes have been sautéed, scoop them out placing them into another dish to be added to the Fettuccini.
  • Add ALL of your Fettuccini to the same pan (the flavor for the pan is awesome, along with a little more olive oil).
  • Add in the Fettuccini and stir… just for a few minutes; add in the spinach and tomatoes
  • Now, you’ll have all the ingredients in your large pan; stir on low heat until the entire dish is warm/hot and ready to serve. You can add the cover to the pan in order to keep it warm and moist.  You’re ready to serve alone or with a side of salmon, chicken or a steak!


To you good health!  Bon Appetite!